Starfield: A Tree Grows in New Atlantis Guide

Help Kelton Frush with his tree problem in Starfield.

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The A Tree Grows in New Atlantis quest chain is one that you’ll want to start early on in Starfield. That’s because the researcher that you talk to will have additional tasks later on. You can expect three separate objectives before you complete the entire arc. Our guide will help you with every task in A Tree Grows in New Atlantis.

How to Complete A Tree Grows in New Atlantis in Starfield

A Tree Grows in New Atlantis will show up in your log as you explore the capital of Jemison. You’ll overhear NPCs talking about a researcher fiddling around with a tree.

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Where to Find Kelton Frush and the Bio-Sensors

The key NPC in the Starfield‘s A Tree Grows in New Atlantis quest is Kelton Frush. You’ll find him just to the right of the park upon reaching the MAST District. He wants you to look for four bio-sensors, which appear marked on your screen. I personally suggest picking them up in this order:

  • Go for the one in the park, which is close to the Lodge entrance.
  • Head to the Commercial District and follow the sloping path up the MAST building.
  • Cross the pond and grab the third one from a tree.
  • For the fourth and final bio-sensor, you need to talk to a kid named Jorden. Unfortunately, he already sold it to the UC Distribution Center, which is at the Commercial District. I had to pay 100 credits to the NPC just to retrieve the item.

Once you’ve acquired all four bio-sensors, return to Kelton to complete this segment of the quest chain. The game will tell you to check back on him later on. In my case, I continued playing the game by finishing other quests. I eventually got a notification, roughly an hour later, that I’d be able to talk to Kelton once more.

Out on a Limb: How to Deal With Emilio

The next part requires you to retrieve a dataslate from Emilio, one of Kelton’s colleagues. If you talk to Emilio, he’ll ask you to falsify his work records. You can agree to this plan, but law-abiding companions like Sarah will dislike it. If you pass the Persuasion check and force him to hand over the slate afterward, Sarah will like what you just did. Bring the slate to Kelton and return to him after around an hour or so has passed.

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Late Bloomer: How to Get the Ancient Branch

The final segment of A Tree Grows in New Atlantis has you looking for an Ancient Branch. It’s found in Akila City, the capital of Akila in the Cheyenne system. Leah, the museum curator, doesn’t want to hand it over, so you have two options:

  • Pass the Persuasion check to convince Leah to give the item to you.
  • Sneak up on Leah and lockpick the safe.

In my case, I simply used my Persuasion skill to get the job done. When you return to Kenton, he tells you to broadcast the diagnostics via the SSNN building. Head to the office and interact with the terminal. Select Upload Diagnostic File, followed by Run Diagnostic. Talk to Kelton one last time to finish the whole arc.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete A Tree Grows in New Atlantis in Starfield. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our guides hub.

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