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Starfield Akila City Guide: Vendors, Locations, and Quests

Here's everything you need to know about Akila City in Starfield, including vendors, locations, and quests.

Akila City is one of the four large hub towns in Starfield. It’s also the capital of the Freestar Collective. It exemplifies the “wild west” feeling that the collective brings to the game, as well as that found in other Bethesda titles like Fallout. Featuring wooden, false front architecture iconic of the cowboy era. Below, we’ve collected information about this prominent location, including all Akila City vendors, locations, and quests — including some bits of lore if you’re interested.

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Starfield Akila City Guide: Vendors, Locations, and Quests

Akila City History and Lore

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Akila City was the first city founded by Solomon Coe in the Cheyenne system. Settled in 2167, Akila City ended up as the capital of the Freestar Collective. It began as a small town with a single wall to protect it from the Ashta, a ferocious alien creature. Eventually, it expanded two more times, resulting in the different walls that encompass the city’s districts today. Even though the farms are outside of the wall, no one is allowed to leave at night, and only machines work the fields.

In 2221, the Freestar Rangers, headquartered in Akila City, are established to protect the citizens of the Freestar Collective. Presently, there are only a dozen Rangers, with the numbers dipping in the recent past. Under the urging of Walter Stroud, a recruitment campaign may be launched to bolster the Rangers efforts.

Akila City Core District

The core was the first district that was built in Akila City. It connects directly to the Starport. You’ll find the Coe Plaza, a statue of Solomon Coe, and higher-end homes. You can buy the Core Residence here, which is across from the Coe Estate.

All Akila City Core District Vendors

  • Shephard’s General Store
  • The Hitching Post
    • Can recruit Omari Hassan here
    • Can recruit Rosie Tannehill here
    • Contains the Self-Clearance Bounty Kiosk
    • Contains the Mission Kiosk
  • Rowland Arms
  • The Rock
    • Houses the Freestar Rangers Headquarters
    • Contains the Freestar Rangers Kiosk
  • Chunks
  • TerraBrew Coffee
  • Midtown Minerals

Notable Akila City Core District Locations

  • The Coe Estate
  • The Core Residence
  • GalBank
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Akila City Midtown District

The second district that was built in Akila City, Midtown has a variety of businesses to visit. You can purchase the Stretch Apartment home in this area, as well.

Akila City Midtown District Vendors

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Notable Akila City Midtown District Locations

  • The Stretch Apartment
  • Coe Heritage Museum
  • Enhance
  • House of the Enlightened
  • Sanctum Universum
  • Stoneroot Inn
  • Akila City Guard Barracks
  • Freestar Collective Consulate

Akila City: The Stretch

The Stretch is the slum area of Akila City. Filled with those struggling to exist, get on their feet, or fight addiction, its residents typically turn to the Low House for aid. This is also the area right next to the wall and exterior exits.

Akila City Vendors in The Stretch

  • Aggie’s
    • Can recruit Ezekiel at this location

Notable Locations in The Stretch

  • Honest Earl’s Alien Extravaganza
  • Aldwin Wright’s Workshop
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Akila City Quests

All of these Akila City quests are the first in their storylines and originate in Akila City. This doesn’t include any radiant missions found at the Mission Board Kiosk or Freestar Rangers Kiosk, as those can be randomly assigned.

  • Deputized
  • Charity of the Wolf
  • Defensive Measures
  • The Great Laredo Caper
  • Blast Zone
  • Beer Run
  • Activities:
    • Speak with Frank Renick
    • Collect Solomon Coe Items for the Coe Heritage Museum
    • Collect Old Earth Novels for Ahnjong Sinclair

That’s all there is to know about Akila City in Starfield. It has a lot of charm, but you can easily get lost in its intertwined streets. For more about Solomon Coe, how to romance Sam Coe, or walkthroughs for related quests, mosey on through our guides vault.

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