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Starfield: Best Places to Sell Items

There are lots of places to sell items in Starfield. Here are the best of them.

There are lots of places to sell items in Starfield, but there are only a few best-in-class vendors when it comes to specific item types that have enough close-together merchants to get the most out of your money. Some merchants will pay top dollar for a particular object (double in certain cases), making things more lucrative for you. Here are the best places to sell items in Starfield.

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The Best Places to Sell Items in Starfield

Most merchants in Starfield accept almost everything you can sell, barring stolen or illegal items. Vendors that accept ill-gotten goods are fewer and farther between, especially when you want to peddle the highest-value contraband. The five peddlers listed below, however, are the best in the business.

Best Place to Sell Anything: The Key of the Crimson Fleet

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The absolute best place to sell items in Starfield is at The Key of the Crimson Fleet. That’s because you can hawk anything here at a good price. Shortly after you start the UC SysDef vs. Crimson Fleet questline, you gain access to The Key, the Crimson Fleet’s personal space station. There are three fantastic reasons to use it as your main place to barter in Starfield.

  • It has the highest quantity of vendors in the smallest space: five in total.
  • Every vendor in The Key can buy stolen items and contraband.
  • Merchants in The Key are some of the richest in the game, usually with over 10,000-12,000 credits on hand.

The Key also doesn’t do a contraband scan before you board it. And if all the vendors there are restocked with cash, you can make upwards of 50,000-60,000 credits in no time flat. You can even sell ships to Jazz, the ship services agent, upping your potential profits even higher.

The Best Place to Sell Planetary Survey Data

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Planetary survey data has one of the highest base values of all items in Starfield, easily going for hundreds, if not thousands, of credits at any vendor. However, Vladimir, the master of The Eye for Constellation, will buy survey data for double its normal asking price. In my game, that means a single set of gas giant data goes for about 1,500 credits a pop — and gas giants take all of one second to survey.

Better still, gas giants are one of the more common planet types, especially in the safer systems. You can canvas 10 or so of them and easily make 10,000-15,000 credits. The only problem is Vladimir’s credit stores, which usually run around the 10,000 mark, forcing you to wait until his inventory refreshes to sell more.

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Best Places to Sell Ships

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I haven’t found any ship services vendor who buys ships for more or less than any others, Jazz of the Crimson Fleet included. As far as making money from ships, I recommend capturing any you like and don’t plan on using — but not selling them right away. You need to register a ship before you can sell it, and registration usually costs around 75% of the ship’s final sale price. That in mind, register ships you capture and wait to sell them. Then, when you need a quick cash infusion, you have a backlog of ships just waiting to refill your coffers.

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Easiest Place to Sell Items: The Trade Authority and Kiosks

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Trade Authority merchants and Kiosks are some of the best places to sell items in Starfield because they accept everything, contraband included. Their credit stores aren’t stellar, but you’ll find them at every named port in the Settled Systems. You’ll also need to get past a contraband scan to reach them, but if you want a quick and easy way to offload a portion of your cargo, there are few better substitutes.

Best City to Sell Items: Neon

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While New Atlantis has more shops in total, Neon is one of the best places to sell items in Starfield because it packs more merchants into a much smaller space. And while Neon doesn’t have the same vendor density as The Key, there’s no requirement for shopping in the cyberpunk city, either.

Some of the vendors in Neon also have a higher base credit total, meaning you can make the most money selling there than you can at some other places in Starfield. Provided you can pass a contraband scan, Neon is a great place to offload your goods, legal or not.

Those are our picks for the best places to sell items in Starfield. You can always sell at other locations, but if you want the most money the fastest, these five places are your best bets. For much more information on the game’s massive amounts of content, check out our guides on every romance option, the best skills to level first, and more in our guides hub to the game.

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