Starfield: All Romance Options Detailed

If you're looking for love in Starfield, these are the companions to turn to.

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Love is in stars. Flying through the galaxy, killing pirates, and smuggling contraband is a lonely life without someone to share it with. Thankfully, you can snuggle up with a companion during those long flights from planet to planet. Here are all the Starfield romance options detailed.

All Romance Options in Starfield

While there are a lot of companions that can join you on your adventures, only the four traveling partners from Constellation are available as Starfield romance options.

It may seem like there aren’t a lot of romance options in Starfield, but each companion has their own storyline, interactions, and companion mission that you can go through. They’re all unique, whether you’re looking for someone with a mysterious background or a space cowboy. You can also flirt with any number of them until you fully commit to one. This typically happens after completing their companion mission.

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How to Romance a Companion

Even though each companion is different, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to romance any of them.

  • Travel with them as your companion.
  • Perform actions they like.
  • Select the FLIRT dialogue option whenever it appears.
  • Complete their companion mission.

If you don’t take them out as your companion, it will take quite a while for your friendship to grow and reach a point where you can start dating. While it’s not an impossible task to do so otherwise, taking them with you is the most efficient approach.

Those are all the romance options in Starfield detailed. Unlike some of the other best games with romance out there, it’s about quality, not quantity, when it comes to stellar loving. For more on, like how to get in good with Sam or Sarah, check out our guides hub. We also have coverage on selling contraband, how to make money fast, and various quest walkthroughs.

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