Starfield: How to Romance Sarah Morgan

Romancing Sarah Morgan in Starfield is incredibly rewarding. Here's a guide on how to do it.

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Wooing your companions is a Bethesda game staple, and you may be wondering how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield. She’s one of the more wholesome characters you can date, a woman with deep-rooted convictions and even deeper-rooted insecurities from a past she’d rather not discuss. To court her, you must help her reconcile those two sides of herself and allow her to slowly open up to both you and herself. That, and making her accept that love was what she needed all along.

How to Romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield

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You meet Sarah Morgan during the early mission called The Old Neighborhood as part of your introduction to Constellation. She’ll accompany you on your first mission for the organization (you don’t have a choice). You can start her romance line as soon as you return the second Artifact to the Lodge.

  • To get on Sarah’s good side, select “You got it, Sarah. Let’s get back out there” when she offers to accompany you on further exploration.
    • For this response, you’ll see the message “Sarah Morgan loved that.” in the top right corner of your screen.

Every time you complete an action that builds camaraderie with Sarah, you’ll receive a similar message: “Sarah Morgan liked that.” I don’t recall ever seeing “loved” in the message after this first instance, so I highly recommend choosing it to romance her.

How to Progress Sarah Morgan’s Romance Path

To progress Sarah’s romance path, keep her as your companion as much as possible. Eventually, she’ll ask to speak to you about something or all but demand to speak with you. Talking with her when she requests it is the main way to romance Sarah Morgan. Doing so allows you to not only find out more about her past but also speak with her about the personal matters she needs to work through.

Also, be sure to flirt with Sarah when the option becomes available. You can build a friendship with the right response, but the romance part requires more effort. Taking the Paramour Aid chem also helps, increasing Companion Affinity for 10 minutes.

Best Responses to Romance Sarah Morgan

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In my time romancing Sarah, I didn’t get every correct response, but I did learn what she likes and doesn’t like, so that’s where we’ll start.

Responses Sarah Morgan Likes

  • Showing interest in exploring.
  • Being supportive of both her and Constellation.
  • Being understanding of her insecurities.
  • Validating difficult choices.
  • Being kind and caring toward others you meet.
  • Admitting when you’ve made mistakes.

Responses or Actions Sarah Morgan Doesn’t Like

  • Firing on non-hostile ships (she’ll immediately leave your side as a companion, and you’ll lose a good chunk of companion progress).
  • Being cold or dismissive of her concerns.
  • Cooperating with pirates.
  • Being greedy.
  • Engaging in unnecessary violence.
  • Berating her for her mistakes.

As for the specific responses you should give to maximize your companionship score with Sarah, we’ll go over those next.

Sarah Morgan Romance Responses

  • Then we’ll get to the bottom of this mystery, together.
    • When talking to Vladimir in The Eye, near the end of the conversation.
  • I can relate to that.
    • Said during the follow-up conversation on the Artifact, regarding how Sarah cherishes the journey the most. There is a Flirt option at the end of this conversation. Take it.
  • Don’t worry Sarah, we’ll figure this out together.
    • After enough time passes, Sarah will say she received a message from Constellation, and she begins discussing her past a bit. The real romance starts here. There’s another Flirt option here. It makes Sarah uncomfortable.
  • We should make every effort to learn about these beings.
    • After visiting a story-specific temple and meeting a new NPC faction, Sarah will speak with you about her thoughts on them.
  • I’ll be with you every step of the way.
    • This response almost immediately follows the one above.
  • We’ll get you there. I promise.
    • The final possible companion increase during your chat with Sarah is when you speak to her following your adventures in the first temple. There is a flirt option during this conversation. I didn’t take it, and it didn’t affect Sarah’s romance path too much.
  • Don’t worry, I’m here for you, every step of the way.
    • If you’ve flirted enough with Sarah, after you’ve adventured more, she’ll open up about her past, this time describing the loss of her ship, the Dauntless. She’s concerned about the relationship. This response eases her mind.
  • I’ll never stop having faith in you, Sarah.
    • This response is the second Like response during the above conversation. You can flirt, but it isn’t necessary in this instance.

After adventuring with Sarah for a bit more time, she’ll talk about going to Cassiopeia, where her ship went down. Finishing this conversation will lock Sarah as your companion until you complete the In Memoriam mission. There is one last Flirt option, and it lets you tell Sarah you love her straight-up. She won’t know what to say, but I recommend confessing at this point, as the mission on Cassiopeia will have more moments that require flirting.

If you’ve progressed your companionship rating with Sarah enough, you’ll eventually become a couple (provided you follow through on the romance option, now marked as Romance in the dialog options rather than Flirt).

After some time passes (or immediately if you’ve progressed with Sarah’s companionship enough), she’ll talk to you one last time about having received a call from her mother. The conversation the two of you have will eventually culminate in one final decision point, with a final new dialog option: Commitment. Choose Commitment, and not only is Sarah’s romance path complete but you’ll also be getting married sometime in the future.

And that’s how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield. For more on Starfield’s tons of content, check out our guides on how to romance Sam Coe, get Heller’s Cutter, and more in our Starfield guides hub.

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