Starfield: How to Get Heller’s Cutter

Here's how to get this unique Cutter weapon in Starfield.

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You’re bound to find a lot of weapons in Starfield. After all, you aren’t alone in the vastness of space, and the numerous planets and moons you spot aren’t always uninhabited. One armament, in particular, is quite unique, and it can be obtained early in the campaign. Here’s how to get Heller’s Cutter in Starfield.

How to Get Heller’s Cutter in Starfield

Heller’s Cutter can be found in the control hab in the Argos Mining Facility in Vectera. Although the Starfield campaign itself starts in that facility, you won’t be able to acquire the weapon until you do a few tasks. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Head to The Lodge and meet up with the members of Constellation. Join this intrepid group of explorers.
  • Complete The Old Neighborhood mission. This adds three new quests to your log.
  • Star the mission called Back to Vectera, and return to the aforementioned Argos Facility. Again, it’s on the moon of Vectera in the Narion system.
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Heller’s Cutter Location

Upon arriving at the facility, I suggest chatting with Lin to hear about Barrett’s and Heller’s plight. Then, make your way to the control hab to the right. Enter it and check the container along the right-hand side of the room. You should find an orange-colored weapon called Heller’s Cutter.

The weapon only deals 5 damage, similar to the regular Cutter. Its stats also fall in line with what you can expect from the regular variant. However, Heller’s Cutter has the Disassembler perk, which causes it to deal +20% damage against robots.

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To be frank, the Cutter is one of the weakest weapon types in the game in terms of raw damage. However, I find that it’s also the most useful because of its functions. It fires a medium-range beam that can still damage enemies. Moreover, I like that it has infinite ammo (i.e. the energy recharges over time). Likewise, it’s necessary for obtaining artifacts as part of the main quest, and you’ll also need it to farm minerals from ore nodes, which is absolutely necessary when surveying planets.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Heller’s Cutter in Starfield. Since you’re already tackling the Back to Vectera mission, don’t forget to also complete The Empty Nest and Into the Unknown. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our guides hub.

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