Starfield: How to Complete Into the Unknown Quest

Use our Into the Unknown quest walkthrough to gain access to one of Starfield's coolest features.

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This mission might be one of the most important during your entire campaign across the stars in Bethesda’s massive space epic. Not only will you get a full-fledged companion, but you’ll also be able to unlock an extremely useful feature that will become integral to your journey. Here’s how to complete the Into the Unkown quest in Starfield.

How to Complete Into the Unknown Quest in Starfield

The Starfield Into the Unknown quest appears in your log after completing The Old Neighborhood. There are multiple tasks here:

  • Talk to Vladimir in The Eye.
  • Meet and recruit Andreja.
  • Obtain an artifact.
  • Acquire your first power.
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Into the Unknown Quest Walkthrough

The first step in the Starfield Into the Unknown quest is meeting with Vladimir. If you check the map in the Alpha Centauri system, you’ll see a location called The Eye. Fast travel there and dock with the space station. Vladimir will tell you about the potential locations of artifacts.

Next, head to Niira in the Narion system. Enter the facility, and you’ll come across Andreja, one of Constellation’s members who is out on a field assignment. She’ll tag along for now, but she can also be recruited as a full-fledged companion down the line.

In any case, proceed deeper into the facility and eliminate the Spacer enemies. You’ll eventually reach a cave with an artifact. Bring out your Cutter to acquire it, as well as the Caelumite minerals.

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The First Temple and Power

Shortly thereafter, Vladimir tells you about an anomaly. You’ll find it on Procyon III in the Procyon system. The goal is to bring out your scanner to look for a strange-looking ruined fortress in the distance. Enter the temple and check out the otherworldly device. I suggest floating around to collect the shiny orbs in the area, which causes a loud sound effect to trigger.

After several orbs have been collected, the portal will activate, and you’ll be able to pass through it. This nets you your first power. I can’t confirm if it’s the same for everyone, but I got the Anti-Gravity Field.

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From this point onward, Vladimir will sometimes tell you if The Eye has detected another anomaly. Moreover, if you visit various star systems, you might get notified that there’s another temple on a planet, too. In short: you can start unlocking more powers while going through the rest of the campaign and general exploration. I personally got sidetracked because there are over 20 powers to obtain.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Into the Unknown quest in Starfield. Don’t forget to also tackle Back to Vectera and The Empty Nest. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our guides hub.

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