Starfield: Where to Find Caelumite

Locate and mine the Caelumite resource in Starfield.

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Knowing where to find Caelumite in Starfield is quite important. The mineral itself is used in a handful of projects and crafting items. Despite this, it can only be discovered in a select few locations, often tied to the main quest. Our guide discusses how to gather more of this resource. Spoilers follow.

Where to Find Caelumite in Starfield

The Starfield Caelumite mineral is found in caverns and tunnels that also have an artifact. You’ll likely spot the first set of nodes when you begin the campaign in the Vectera mines. Once the game opens up, you’re tasked with retrieving a dozen or so artifact pieces, and each location has a few nodes, too.

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How to Mine Caelumite

To mine Caelumite in Starfield, make sure you have a Cutter equipped or assigned to your favorites. The Cutter is a powerful laser weapon that fires a super-heated beam. Although its energy gets depleted the longer you hold the button, it will also be restored over time. Basically, it has “infinite ammo,” which is why I think it’s one of the best weapon types in the game.

Here’s the kicker: Caelumite is surprisingly tough and way more difficult to gather compared to minerals like Titanium or Iron. As such, you need to hold down the fire button for a longer period. In my case, I usually give it around three seconds before a node is broken down.

Likewise, don’t forget to put points into your Geology skill. It allows you to obtain more resources from the mineral nodes that you mine.

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Caelumite Locations

I’ve also included a few locations where I found Caelumite. Bear in mind that these are planets and moons that I visited as part of the main quest:

  • Akila
  • Niira
  • Aranae II
  • Indum V-A
  • Eridani VIII-C
  • Freya III
  • Agamon B
  • Piazzi IV-A
  • Sirius III-B
  • Toliman II-C

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Caelumite in Starfield. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our guides hub.

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