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Starfield: How to Romance Sam Coe

Sam Coe is a eligible bachelor among your companions in Starfield.

Sam Coe is one of the members of Constellation and a potential companion in Starfield. A space cowboy, he’s all about exploration and his daughter, Cora. He’s also open to love, if you can manage to shoot your way to his heart. Here’s how to romance Sam Coe in Starfield.

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How to Romance Sam Coe in Starfield

You first meet Sam Coe during the mission The Empty Nest. You can try and meet him beforehand by going to Akila City on Akila in the Cheyenne system. As his home base, you may find him puttering around, though it’s no guarantee. Waiting until you get to The Empty Nest is far easier as it’s only one the 3rd main quest options in the game.

You’ll find Sam in the greenhouse area with his daughter Cora, who accompanies him on every mission. The biggest things you can do are to not make a big deal that he’s related to Solomon Coe, and to get in good with Cora by contributing to her book allowance. His daughter is number one in his life, but he also wants to make a life outside the Coe legacy.

After the mission’s complete, Sam will decide he can stay on as your companion as long as Cora’s welcome on the ship. Given she takes up no room and is far less annoying that the Adoring Fan, it’s an easy yes. Given each companion has a certain set of actions they like and dislike, here are Sam’s that have been discovered so far.

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Sam Coe Likes

  • Supporting his daughter.
  • Not expecting anything from him due to his last name.
  • Siding with him against Jacob.
  • You joining the Freestar Rangers.
  • Taking out pirates.
  • Completing Freestar Rangers missions.
  • Looting parts from creature carcasses.

Sam Coe Dislikes

  • Making a big deal of his family lineage.
  • Not wanting to explore.
  • Preferring to be planetside.
  • Not understanding his situation with Cora.
  • Making fun of his past.

Helpful Chems

There are a few chems that you can take before interacting with any companion to help with persuasion. The single best one I like to use is Paramour. Taking it increases Companion Affinity for 10 minutes as well as ups your Persuasion by 25%. As soon as the activity pops up and Sam says he wants a chat, I take this. Ten minutes is plenty of time to put on the moves and line dance your way into Sam’s heart.

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When interacting with Sam, take every opportunity to flirt with him. He’ll always appreciate these dialogue options. Eventually, you’ll get the companion quest Matters of the Hart. The ending of this series of tasks is when you can confirm romancing Sam, or if you’ve changed your mind, stay just friends. I won’t ruin anything for you, but the scenes are well worth it.

That’s how to romance Sam Coe in Starfield. You’ll need to travel together for a while to get through his shielded exterior and baby momma drama, but it’s all worth it in the end. For more on Starfield romance, check out our expanding guide vault. We’ve also got walkthroughs for quests, how to increase your starship cargo, and where to find special spacesuits.

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