Starfield: Can You Give Books to Cora Coe? Answered

Cora Coe is a giant bookworm, so can you give her the books you collect in Starfield?

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Cora Coe is the intelligent daughter of Sam Coe in Starfield. While left on the starship, she reads through any novel she can find. As an interaction with her, she asks you to bring her real volumes found on your adventures. But can you give books to Cora Coe? We’ve got the answer.

Can You Give Books to Cora Coe in Starfield?

After completing the mission with Sam Coe and heading back to the Lodge, you’ll get the chance to chat with Cora. Sam may have already mentioned that she’s extremely smart and loves to read. When talking to Cora, this is solidified as she asks you to help her get real books.

She’s not interested in any electronic slates. Instead, she wants printed pages with that distinct smell. You’re able to give her money for her book allowance, but since you can loot tomes while exploring, it seems natural that you’d be able to give them to her.

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Unfortunately, that’s not the case. No quest or activity is triggered, nor is there any dialogue option that allows you to give her items from your inventory. I’ve tried talking with her on different occasions in different settings, but there’s simply no way to give Cora Coe books.

Without question, this appears to be a missed opportunity to include a fun companion quest for Sam that focuses on helping Cora. We’ll have to wait and see if any content comes in the future that includes it, or someone mods a way to give her the paperbacks and hardcovers you come across.

Lamentably, you can’t give books to Cora Coe in Starfield. For more answers to your questions, general tips and tricks, or quest walkthroughs, take a gander at our galaxy of guides.

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