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Starfield: Can You Make Ammo? Answered

Starfield is packed with challenging enemies, so you may be wondering if you can make ammo.

Starfield is one of Bethesda’s most combat-packed games. With over 200 hours of content and countless enemy types to fight, you can find yourself running out of ammo faster than any game in recent memory. In Fallout 4, you were given the option to craft ammo, which begs the question: can you make ammo in Starfield?

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Can You Make Ammo in Starfield? Answered

Ammo is abundant throughout Starfield, but when you’re going up against some of the tougher enemies in the universe, such as the Terrormorphs, you’ll find yourself running out of ammo faster than you can imagine.

When it comes to gaining said ammo, though, Starfield leaves you out in the cold. Unless you’re looting dead bodies, scavenging everything in sight, or robbing weapon stores, you won’t be able to find bullets. You can’t make ammo in Starfield at this point in time. It’s a major bummer, considering how often you can run out mid-mission and be forced to rely on powers or melee weapons to survive.

It’s a mystifying decision, to say the least. Fallout 4 supported it, and in Skyrim, you could craft arrows. But hundreds of years into the future? Nope, we’re out of luck.

Best Places to Find Ammo in Starfield

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Since you can’t make ammo, your options are somewhat limited. Killing pirates generally will net you countless amounts of ammo, as will most other human enemies. The problem is finding that unique ammo for your powerful weapons.

A lot of the time, labs and other abandoned facilities will have you covered, so be sure to loot every area you can. You never know when you might happen upon some useful ammo. We’ve covered some of the best places to find more ammo.

If you don’t feel like searching for it, then you can buy it or steal it. Buying ammo is shockingly expensive, and restocking all your different kinds of ammo can completely clear you out. If you don’t feel like doing that, check out the Akila City Puddle glitch to stock up on ammo anytime you need it.

Unfortunately, that answers the question “can you make ammo in Starfield” with a resounding thud. Running out of bullets is a pain, but these above methods can hopefully keep those guns firing and your enemies falling in their wake. If you liked these tips, check out the rest of our Starfield guides here.

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