Starfield: Can You Play on Xbox One? Answered

Can you play Starfield on Xbox One? Here's what you need to know.

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Starfield is a smash hit for Bethesda, drawing in more than 6 million players shortly after launch. And the spacefaring RPG is only on PC and Xbox. With Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, the game isn’t available on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. Though you won’t be able to play on those platforms, what if you only have the last-gen Xbox console? Can you play Starfield on Xbox One? 

Starfield: Can You Play on Xbox One? Answered 

The short answer to “can you play Starfield on Xbox One” is: yes, you can! Although Starfield won’t have a physical or digital release on Xbox One, you can still play it through Microsoft’s monthly service plan, Game Pass Ultimate, which costs $16.99 a month. If you have a subscription, you can find the game by searching for it in the Game Pass app. This allows you stream Starfield through Microsoft servers and onto your Xbox One. 

However, since the Xbox One is a last-gen system and can only stream Starfield, you’ll need a strong internet connection to play. Although it’s a single-player game, the Xbox One isn’t really meant to play it, and transferring the data required can take a lot of bandwidth. I recommend using a wired connection to help it run on your console. 

Starfield is a massive game with huge procedural worlds and an enormous amount of space to explore in your starship. You can spend hundreds of hours on side quests alone, so the game is jam-packed with content. The Xbox One can’t handle all of this well on a wireless connection alone.

With a strong wired connection, you can also play other games not necessarily released on the Xbox One, such as the Payday 2 and Everspace 2. So it’s worth hopping off WiFi.

So yes, you can play Starfield on Xbox One. Just keep in mind you need the Game Pass Ultimate subscription and a strong internet connection to play. Once you start playing, make sure to check out our guides hub for tips and tricks.  

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