making Lyrthindor spawn in bg3
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How to Make Lyrthindor Spawn in BG3

Here's how to get Lyrthindor to spawn in BG3.

Lyrthindor is a stranded Dark Justiciar in the Gauntlet of Shar who has hidden from Yurgir by turning into a swarm of rats. With the PS5 bugs that prevent him from spawning now fixed, let’s see how we can find him. Here’s how to make Lyrthindor spawn in BG3.

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How to Find Lyrthindor in BG3

To find Lyrthindor and make him spawn in BG3, you have to find his ritual spot at the base of the Shar Statue by going down the stairs from the Gauntlet of Shar waypoint. Continue down the hall until you reach Shar’s massive statue and the semi-circular stairs leading down. Once you’re at the bottom of the semi-circle stairs continue left of the stairs until you see a Cragged Rock that you can use to climb down. Go past the large vases and you’ll see another Cragged Rock where you can climb down to the base of the massive Shar statue.

From here, I got Lyrthindor to spawn by reading the book One Becomes Many, interacting with the Effigy next to it, and talking to the rat that spawns. I used the Speak With Animals Warlock Invocation, but you can use the same spell from other sources, like class spells or a potion of SWA. Pick the option to attack the rat during the dialogue, kill it, and more rats will spawn and eventually Lyrthindor as well.

If, for some reason, the rats don’t spawn, then reload a save and kill the first rat using non-lethal damage and then using lethal damage. This seems to fix this issue on PC and PS5.

How to Beat Lyrthindor in BG3

I highly recommend Shadowheart here, or any other Cleric with the Spirit Guardians spell to take out the numerous rats that spawn, but any AOE ability works well. Once you defeat them, Lyrthindor will spawn and you can fight or spare him. He’s not a hard fight, I would just make sure to have light with you to counter his Beckoning Darkness. Defeat him and you’ll get a special Greatshield that can hide you and his unique-looking scimitar that can Blind enemies.

How to Break Yurgir’s Contract With Lyrthindor in BG3

A neat trick to solving the Break Yurgir’s Contract quest without combat with Yurgir is to defeat Lyrthindor before meeting Yurgir. If you defeat Lyrthindor before Yurgir and then go to the devil, you’ll see him leaving and he won’t initiate a fight unless you force it. If you let him leave, Raphael will spawn to end the quest, however, Astarion will become upset that Yurgir didn’t die. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend using this trick if you want Approval from Asterion.

That’s it for my guide on how to make Lyrthindor spawn in BG3. For more Baldur’s Gate 3 guides, check out whether you should do Shadowfell or Moonrise first.

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