Starfield Cydonia Guide: Vendors, Locations, and Quests

Unsure what this mining colony has to offer? Check out our guide to Cydonia's vendors, quests, and locations in Starfield.

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Cydonia is the second city you’ll explore if you follow the main storyline at the beginning of Starfield. Smaller than New Atlantis, covered in dust, and inhabited by miners, it’s not exactly the ideal travel destination. However, even though its size is less substantial, there are still a number of NPCs to talk to and quests to obtain. This is our guide to Cydonia and its vendors, locations, and quests in Starfield.

Cydonia Vendors, Locations, and Quests

Cydonia History

Mars is home to the colony of Cydonia, which was first established in 2112 by Deimos Staryards, Inc. Due to the planet’s harsh environment, the city is built underground. In Starfield, Mars — along with the rest of the Sol system — is considered backwater compared to the rest of the Settled Systems. With that said, Cydonia was a major hub for ship construction materials before humans completely left Earth, and it’s still regarded as a crucial mining center.

Cydonia itself is separated into two areas:

  • Core
  • Residential District

The Core contains a majority of the vendors and is located on the upper level of the city. The Residential District has different styled units, with a community center managed by the House of the Enlightened and the Sanctum Universum at the bottom.

Cydonia Vendors

The Core

  • The Trade Authority Outpost
  • The Broken Spear
  • UC Exchange
  • Reliant Medical
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Residential District

  • Jane’s Goods
  • The Sixth Circle

Cydonia Locations

The Core

  • Deimos Staryards Corporate Office
  • UC Office of the Governor
  • Deimos Staryards Engineering
  • Luxe Condominiums
  • Enhance!

Residential District

  • Community Center
  • UC Marine Barracks
  • Deimos Miner Quarters
  • Luxe Condominiums
  • Mining Area
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Cydonia Quests

  • Bounty That Got Away
  • Top of the L.I.S.T.
  • Media Sponge
  • Space Frog from Outer Space
  • Start Up Stopped
  • Special Delivery
  • Freight Fright
  • Heart of Mars
  • Refurbished Goods

That’s all of the locations, quests, and vendors you’ll find within Cydonia in Starfield. The smallest of all the major hub points in the game, it certainly lacks in…greenery, compared to some of the other locations. For guides on the other major cities, as well as how to complete the quests found there, check out our library of guides.

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