Starfield: How to Change Camera Zoom

Want to try a new outlook while playing Starfield? Here's how to change camera zoom.

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Just like many other Bethesda games, there are multiple camera options to play around with in Starfield, letting you get the perfect view of your character and the surrounding world. Though it doesn’t affect anyone playing in first-person, it’s a great feature for those who play in third-person, and knowing the ins and outs of the simple but important mechanic is almost necessary from that perspective. Here’s everything you need to know about how to change the camera zoom in Starfield.

How to Change Camera Zoom in Starfield

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There are three different perspectives in Starfield. Here’s how to cycle between each camera zoom option:

  • Xbox Controller (Gamepad): Press the View Button. You can reset it by pressing the right-stick (RS).
  • PC (Mouse): Scroll the middle mouse button (MMB) up and down. You can reset the camera by pressing “Q.” If you want to remap it to a different key, it’s called “Toggle POV” in the Bindings menu.

The first camera angle is the traditional first-person view, while the second one is a third-person view that feels similar to an over-the-shoulder angle. Switching the perspective again zooms the camera out a bit farther, which is more in line with third-person cameras in previous Bethesda Softworks titles.

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It’s entirely up to your preference which camera angle you want to use. As nice as it is to have a closer view in combat with the second camera zoom option, I’ve found that it feels a bit too restricting. Since it’s not directly over-the-shoulder and your character is still close to the middle of the screen, it’s easy to feel like you’re at a disadvantage. The other two perspectives simply provide you with a better line of sight.

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Camera Zoom and Angles While in Your Ship

Flying your ship also comes with some camera options, but there is only a first-person view and a third-person view. You’ll also switch between these two perspectives using the View button or the middle mouse button.

When your ship is docked or grounded, here’s how to change camera zoom options:

  • Xbox Controller (Gamepad): LT to zoom in; RT to zoom out.
  • PC (Mouse): LMB to zoom in; RMB to zoom out.

That covers how to change the camera zoom in Starfield. I recommend spending some time with all of the available camera levels to find the one you prefer. For all of your other space voyaging needs, check out our Starfield guides page.

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