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Starfield: How to Complete Executive Level Mission

Find out how to complete Executive Level mission in Starfield with the help of our guide, which includes all the right answers.

Executive Level mission is the final quest in the Ryujin Industries faction questline at Neon City in Starfield. It’s also the hardest mission, as it requires players to persuade all the board members of Ryujin Industries to hire Ularu as the CEO of the company. Our guide will provide you with tips on how to complete Executive Level mission in Starfield, including all the correct answers.

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How to Complete Executive Level Mission in Starfield

Speak to Board Members

Once you speak to Ularu at her office in Ryujin Industries, you’ll have to speak to all the board members. Your answers will influence their decisions regarding the destiny of Ularu and Infinity LTD. I recommend siding with Ularu, which will increase your likability and make the romance mechanics a lot more effective. But if you killed Ularu previously during the “Guilty Party” quest, then this option won’t be available anymore, and your decisions won’t affect the outcome of the mission.

If you’ve kept Ularu alive and made the decision to acquire Infinity LTD, then use the following options during the conversations with the six board members:

  • Ularu:
    • “Masako is pretty certain that you were behind it.”
    • [Manipulations] “The acquisition has benefits.”
    • “I don’t need the Internal Neuroamp to persuade the board.”
    • “Like you said, Internal neuroamp guarantees success.”
  • Alexis Pryce:
    • “I heard you’re not a fan of acquiring Infinity LTD.”
    • [Persuade] “Legal issues aside…”
    • [Manipulation] “I think we both know…”
    • “Basing your decision off the possibility…”
    • [Manipulation] “You don’t really want…”
    • “The Internal Neuroamp would make handling any situation a breeze.”
    • [Manipulation] “With proper legal guidance…”
    • [Manipulation] “Ularu is Ryujin’s greatest asset.”
  • Dalton Fiennes:
    • “I was told to use the Internal Neuroamp…”
    • [Manipulation] “Project Dominion is essential for future success.”
    • “Then vote against Infinity.”
    • [Persuade] “I know you believe in Masako.”
    • [Security] “If you support Ularu…”
  • Veena Kalra:
    • “I feel great.”
    • “This Internal Neuroamp changes everything.”
    • [Research Methods] “There’s bound to be something inspiring…”
    • “I trust Masako to make the right decisions.”
  • Linden Calderi:
    • “I’m happy to help answer any questions.”
    • “Of course, if we can save thousands of jobs…”
    • [Manipulation] “We’d be getting employees…”
    • “Masako must have been desperate…”
    • “Guilty or not, if someone like Ularu was CEO…”
    • “The Internal Neuroamp.”
    • [Manipulation] “And when a rival discovers…”
  • Genevieve Mondhan:
    • “Maybe. That depends on whose side you’re on.”
    • [Manipulation] “You’re still helping the innocent workers.”
    • “You know, if you really want to keep Ryujin…”
    • [Manipulation] “Competition’s more cutthroat than ever.”
    • “The Internal Neuroamp.”
    • [Manipulation] “You’ll never be able…”

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Attend the Board Meeting

Once you’ve lobbied all board members, you need to attend the board meeting and wait until all the members of the board gather to decide whether to hire Ularu as the CEO. If you’ve chosen all the right answers, then it should be the outcome of the meeting.

Although Masako will try to shift the board’s opinion against Ularu, if you choose the following answers during the meeting, everything will be fine:

  • “You don’t want someone under criminal investigation…”
  • “It’s for the best, Masako.”
  • “Our intention to purchase Infinity LTD…”
  • “I believe work on the Internal Neuroamp needs to be shelved.”
  • “It takes away a person’s free will. It’s not right.”

Finally, speak to Ularu one last time, during which she’ll praise your effort and cooperation. This will successfully end the entire Ryujin Industries faction questline, and you’ll be rewarded with:

  • 16,000 Credits
  • 350 XP
  • Hyppolita Aid Item

That’s all you need to know on how to complete Executive Level mission in Starfield. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks articles on Bethesda’s space RPG right here.

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