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Starfield: How to Complete Guilty Parties — Choices Guide

As a Ryujin faction quest in Starfield, Guilty Parties has a difficult choices to make.

Guilty Parties is a Ryujin faction quest and the tenth in the storyline in Starfield. Similar to other faction questlines, Ryujin missions are filled with decisions that can change how the rest of the narrative unfolds. It takes place after Background Checks and focuses on tracking down Imogene Salzo. Here’s how to complete Guilty Parties in Starfield and how each choice impacts the game.

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How to Complete Guilty Parties in Starfield

To start Guilty Parties, wait for Dalton to parse through the encrypted data you obtained in Background Checks. Once complete, the mole will be uncovered. Unfortunately, it’s your mentor, Imogene. As unlikely as it sounds, she’s one of the only employees who could actually pull off such a feat.

Tasked with collecting her from her office, head down to Operations, where you’ll find a waiting Yuko. Speaking with her reveals that Imogene has fled to Frankie’s Grab-N-Go, a known front for the Seokguh Syndicate. This complicates matters, as Yuko insists you need permission to enter their territory.

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At this point, you can either return to Dalton for approval or head to Ebbside. I chose to check in with Dalton, as fighting a bunch of Syndicate members to reach my target didn’t sound super fun. He’ll give the OK to fetch Imogene with the stipulation that you speak with Benjamin Bayu first. You don’t have to meet with him, but it will clear a path into their headquarters without violence.

Where to Find Bayu

I went to the Astral Lounge on the other side of Neon Core. Bayu is found in one of the VIP lounges on the second floor. You can either do him a favor or persuade him that taking care of this issue for Ryujin is favor enough. Even if you fail to persuade him, he still gives you the go-ahead, so long as you complete what he asks.

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How to Enter the Syndicate Hideout: How Your Choices Play Out

Regardless of the method you choose, head to Ebbside and Frankie’s Grab and Go. Here’s how your choices play out:

  • If you chatted with Bayu, just speaking with Frankie herself will grant you access.
  • If you didn’t speak with Bayu, you need to pickpocket the Seokguh Syndicate keycard from her.
    • I grabbed it even though I could walk in, just in case.
    • The door to their lair is between the two fridge doors, hidden as a freezer door.
  • If you didn’t obtain the right of passage, you’ll want to sneak in through the rooftop door using the key. This brings you to the first floor.

Once inside, you’ll find Imogen on the second floor in a room off to the right. Head through the weapon room and up the flight of stairs to end up directly in front of the Syndicate Backroom.

Guilty Parties Main Choices: Confront Imogene

This is where the main choice comes in. Speaking with Imogene reveals that she was a double agent placed by Ularu to monitor Infinity, LTD. This means Ularu is the real mole and set Imogene up as a scapegoat. You can either believe her and accept the data slate she offers containing her evidence or attack her.

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Choice 1: Side with Imogene (Believe Her)

If you side with Imogene, you’ll be given the slate while she remains with the Syndicate. You can try to bring her in to face Dalton. However, she won’t budge on her stance. Not only does she remain safe where she is, but it also means Ularu will feel that her ruse worked.

Choice 2: Attack Imogene (Don’t Believe Her)

The choice to attack Imogene means that you’ve sided with Ularu, at least initially. Whether your betrayal causes you to act or you just don’t want to talk, you’ll snuff out the flame that’s your mentor. Afterward, make sure to loot her corpse to obtain the data slate.

Where to Find Kumio’s Slate

If you spoke with Bayu and owe him a favor, you’ll need to track down Kumiho’s slate and steal it. Her room is on the third floor, which is guarded from the stairs.

  • Using the vents, head up to her room.
  • You’ll want to have a high Stealth skill, use chems if necessary, and avoid anyone you possibly can.
    • I failed at all of these, but found I could run past all the enemies, grab the incriminating slate, and bust out of the hideout using the rooftop exit to Ebbside.
  • Once clear of any danger, head to the Astral Lounge to hand off the slate to Bayu.
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Deliver the Evidence to Dalton

To complete Guilty Parties in Starfield, head to the Executive floor of the Ryujin Tower. You’ll be stopped by Yuko on the way, but you can ignore her if you don’t want to disclose any details. This is also the time to go rogue if you want to confront Ularu directly.

Should You Choose Ularu or Masako in Guilty Parties?

You can persuade her to give herself up, which prompts a decision: Ularu or Masako? This choice can be changed during a later Ryujin quest, but it generally means you won’t need stealth to complete faction missions taken from the mission board. So, go to Dalton’s office to finish the quest.

  • If you side with Ularu, you won’t hand over the evidence slate.
  • If you choose Masasko, hand over the data slate with the evidence Imogene collected. It will take time to confirm its validity, but your part in the matter is over.

Guilty Parties Rewards

  • Heal Paste x2
  • Med Pack x2
  • Credits x4,800
  • Credits x2,500 (from Bayu if asked for)

That’s how to complete Guilty Parties in Starfield and how the different choices can affect the outcome. For more quest guides, especially for those with decisions to be made, head over to our guides library.

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