Starfield: How to Hide Your Spacesuit and Helmet

Keep your spacesuit hidden from view even if you're wearing it in Starfield.

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You’ve spent all that time creating the perfect characters, but their head and body are covered up. Or, perhaps, you’ve picked up a new outfit you’d rather wear instead of your clunky, spacefaring one. In that case, you’re wondering how to hide your spacesuit and helmet in Starfield. These gear pieces are important to have, considering that they offer protection from hazards in the environment. But there are times when you just want something different.

How to Hide Your Spacesuit and Helmet in Starfield

You can hide your spacesuit and helmet in Starfield by going to each item’s respective inventory and pressing RB on controller or the “T” key on a keyboard.

  • By default, these equipped gear pieces are set to “show in settlements,” which means your character will look like an astronaut even when they’re in a populated city.
  • However, pressing the aforementioned button/key will switch the setting to “hide in settlements.” That means the gear pieces are still equipped, but your character is shown wearing their civilian attire.
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I find this setting to be genuinely helpful. I do prefer seeing my character with a spacesuit and helmet while exploring distant planets that are devoid of an atmosphere. That just makes sense.

However, if I’m in a settlement or an indoor location that has oxygen, it’s somewhat immersion-breaking if I’m still wearing heavily padded gear. As such, this option ensures that you can retain the defensive bonuses and status effects from your armor while also looking like you’re a regular traveler when you go to a city. Of course, this doesn’t matter too much if you’re playing in first-person mode.

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As an aside, this may not work in certain areas or for certain companions. For instance, I’ve noticed that my character would keep their helmet hidden and switch to a cap while indoors. However, they still wore their spacesuit.

That’s everything you need to know about how to hide your spacesuit and helmet in Starfield. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our guides hub.

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