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Starfield: How to Increase Carry Weight

Being able to carry all you want in Starfield means upping the weight you can lug around.

If you’re like me, you want to stow away anything you can possibly pick up when playing a Bethesda game, Starfield included. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible if you don’t have the ability to haul all those items with you. In some games, you just can’t pack away anything else. In others, you’ll get over-encumbered, adding debuffs to your movements and attacks. For the hoarders among us, here’s how to increase carry weight in Starfield.

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How to Increase Carry Weight in Starfield

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To increase carry weight in Starfield, you’ll need to get the Weight Lifting skill. Depending on the background you chose at the start of the game, your carry weight may be larger or smaller than another player’s. If you don’t already have the skill, you can choose it from the first row of the Physical tree when you receive your first skill point when leveling up the first time.

The skill challenges focus on running certain distances with an almost full carry weight. Weight Lifting can be upgraded four times, each time adding additional capacity that you can sustain, with the fourth level increasing your total by 100 points.

Why You Should Increase Your Carry Weight in Starfield

If you plan on making loads of money in Starfield (which you definitely do), you’ll want to have the highest carry weight possible. Rare resources, spacesuits, packs, and weapons can sell for a pretty penny but will quickly fill up your inventory. If you want to upgrade your ship, research new projects, or expand your modding capabilities, hauling all those components can eat away at any available space.

Unlike other games, such as Skyrim or Fallout 76, you can still move at a normal pace or even run while over your max carry weight. However, this uses oxygen at a higher rate and increases CO2 output. Once carbon dioxide fills your gauge, you’ll start taking damage.

When over-encumbered, you can’t fast travel, but if you’re close to your ship or companion, you may be able to offload enough items to counterbalance your carry weight. If not, you’ll have to drop items or travel slower. For me, the decision is always to travel slower. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to upgrade your inventory limits quickly.

That’s how to increase your carry weight in Starfield, and why you may want to. As a player who wants to carry everything just in case I need it, Weight Lifting is one of the first skills I’ve been increasing as I’ve played. For more Starfield how-tos, check out our expanding guides hub. We cover increasing your ship’s cargo space, romance, quest walkthroughs, and more.

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