Starfield: How to the Solve Temple Eta Puzzle

The Temple Eta puzzle in Starfield setups for a lot both gameplay and story-wise. Here's how to solve it.

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One of the main parts of the early Starfield campaign sees you completing the Temple Eta puzzle within an alien structure and gaining power from it. What you learn there sets the stage for not only hours of additional narrative but also the other temples you’ll be exploring later. The puzzle itself is much simpler than its grandiose presentation would suggest. You use that solution several more times at all future temples. Here’s how to solve the Temple Eta puzzle.

How to Solve the Temple Eta Puzzle in Starfield

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When you enter Temple Eta, you’ll be presented with a construct made of three rings that spin within one another. Soon after the rings settle into position in the center of the room, some of the light dots that fill the space will begin to coalesce into tighter, polyhedral shapes.

  • To solve the Temple Eta puzzle, you must pass through five of these light shapes. The catch is that they can appear in more than five locations. The order you pass them through matters. What doesn’t matter is how many “incorrect” ones you pass through between two “correct” ones.

You’ll know you’ve got it right when you hear deep brass instrumentation after passing through a shape. In my experience, it’s easiest to simply continue passing through each shape as it appears. Eventually, you’ll hit the ones you need to hit. If you have a better mind for spatial geometry than mine, you can make note of which ones you’ve already been through, which are “duds” and don’t progress the puzzle, and which you need to activate.

There will be a much larger musical flourish when you pass through the fifth and final shape. The rings in the middle will begin spinning at an alarming rate. They’ll quickly collect themselves into a circle, which you’ll fly into to acquire power.

That’s how to solve the Temple Eta puzzle in Starfield. Remember the steps. The process for all subsequent temples is exactly the same (unfortunate, but what can you do?). Eta is the only one you need to do in a particular order, as the remaining ones can be tackled whenever you want. For more on the game’s frankly bonkers amount of content, check out our guides on how to get the Mantis spacesuit, get the Star Eagle ship, and more in our guides hub to the game.

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