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Starfield: How to Unlock all Earth Landmarks

Earth Landmarks are all that remain of the birthplace of humanity in Starfield.

Earth is a barren rock when Starfield takes place. But not everything once lived on its surface has vanished. Earth Landmarks, pieces of culture and history when humans thrived on the planet, can still be found. With a collectible item at each landmark, it’s a trip you don’t want to skip. Here’s how to unlock all Earth Landmarks in Starfield.

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How to Unlock All Earth Landmarks in Starfield

There are eight different Starfield landmarks you can unlock and visit on Earth. Each of them is a remnant of days gone, but a collectible snow globe showing off what the monument once was can be found at the location. To find the snow globes, simply have the activity set as your active quest, and the marker will point the way.

London Landmark — The Shard

The Shard is the easiest of all the Starfield landmarks to unlock. All you need to do is read a copy of Oliver Twist, which can be found nearly everywhere, and the activity to visit it will be added to your journal. If you haven’t found an edition of the tome in your travels, you can purchase a copy at Sinclair’s Books in Akila City.

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Cairo Landmark — The Pyramids

If you’ve always wanted to see the Pyramids, now’s a great time. Honestly, they’ve stood the passing of time quite well. To register the landmark, you’ll need to buy the book The Ancient Civilization of Egypt from Sinclair’s Books. Once purchased, the activity will pop up, and you can sell the book back to Sinclair if you want.

New York Landmark — The Empire State Building

To register the Empire State Building as a viable landing spot, you’ll need to hunt down a copy of Our Lost Heritage. Thankfully, you can find it in UC President Abello’s office in the MAST Tower in New Atlantis.

Saint Louis Landmark — The Gateway Arch

This landmark’s book is a little harder to get. You’ll need to have the Theft skill as you have to pickpocket Astral Lounge owner Benjamin Bayu for his key. The book, Price of Destiny, is found in his penthouse.

China Landmark — The Shanghai Tower

Reading Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics adds The Shanghai Tower to your activities list. It’s found on the unidentified ship that orbits Porimma II. You’ll visit this ship as part of the side quest First Contact, but you can visit it even if you haven’t spoken to anyone at Paradiso. The book is located in the Classroom on the second floor.

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Hong Kong Landmark — International Commerce Center

To add the International Commerce Center to your list of Earth destinations, you’ll need to head to Titan in the Sol system. Instead of looking for an Old Earth book, you need to read the journal of the New Homestead Museum proprietor, Maurice. It can be found in the museum area on a set of metal shelves next to a set of stairs.

Dubai Landmark — Burj Khalifa

When you finally reach the Siren of the Stars spaceship through the UC Vanguard faction missions, you’ll want to wander around a bit. You’re looking for a VIP room that contains the book Race to the Heavens. Be careful: once you complete the mission related to the ship, you’ll be unable to locate it again afterward if you leave,. Make sure to grab it before you undock.

Osaka Landmark — Abeno Harukas

If you’re a member of the Crimson Fleet, getting the Diary of Kyosuke Nagata at the Lock Prison will be a breeze for you. For others, you’ll have to fight your way through pirates to reach Suvorov in the Kryx system. Having a high-level ship will definitely help when looking to register the Osaka landmark.

Honorable Mention — NASA Launch Tower

You can’t register or find the NASA Launch Tower as an activity, but you can visit it during the Unearthed main story quest. It does have a snow globe that can be found in the upper levels of the tower. If you’re trying to hunt down all the collectibles, you’ll find this one on a desk just waiting for you to claim it.

Those are all the Earth landmarks you can unlock and visit in Starfield. Whether you’re looking to get all the snow globes or just want to see how Earth is doing after all that time, these locations are great to visit. For other Old Earth landmarks, such as the Mars Rover, or whom to give Old Earth novels to, check out our guide vault.

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