Starfield: How to Use a Boost Pack

Boosting allows you to reach new areas, get out of dangerous situations, and is plain fun in Starfield.

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If you’ve been trying and failing to use the Boost feature on your jetpack in Starfield, you’re not the only one. Using it to soften your descent or reach small overhangs requires a little more effort than just equipping one with the ability. If you’re looking to take advantage of some extra thrust when jumping, this is how to use the boost pack in Starfield.

How to Use a Boost Pack in Starfield

There are two simple things you need to use the Boost ability.

  • Boost Pack Training skill
  • A pack with Boost as a feature

The Boost Pack Training skill is on the first row of the Tech skill tree. Luckily, you only need one level/to spend 1 skill point to use boost packs. You’ll have enough after gaining your first level. However, higher levels will grant you additional benefits. Two backgrounds — Soldier and Bounty Hunter — have this as a starting skill.

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Once you’ve purchased at least one level in Boost Pack Training, you’ll also need to have a pack equipped that has Boost capabilities. To see if this is the case, head to your Pack section in your inventory. At the bottom of the pack description, it will have a phrase related to the ability, often Basic Boostpack or even Advanced Boostpack. You receive one of these after going to the lodge in New Atlantis.

How to Boost in Starfield

With those two prerequisites met, you’ll be able to use Boost in the field. To do so, jump like normal, then hit the jump key again to boost. Holding the key will result in a consistent thrust versus a short burst. Your fuel will show above your health bar and refills when not in use.

That’s how to use a Boost Pack in Starfield. Unlike other games where you get the ability to use such an ability as soon as you have the item, you need to actually train to be able to use it. For more on skills, as well as other walkthroughs, check out our growing Starfield guides vault.

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