Starfield: How to Use Console Commands on Xbox

Cheats aren't limited to Starfield on PC. Here's how to bring them over to your Xbox copy.

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One of the hallmarks of a Bethesda Games Studios title is being able to use console commands, and Starfield is no different. Whether it’s to add items to your inventory or to simply kill a specific NPC, there’s a lot of power and creative freedom with these cheats. Something fun this time around is that Xbox players can enjoy them, too, albeit through a specific process. This is how to use Starfield console commands on Xbox.

How to Use Starfield Console Commands on Xbox

The trick to using console commands on an Xbox version of Starfield requires you to use the cross-save feature with the PC version. Since Starfield is an Xbox Play Anywhere game, those who purchase it through the platform’s store or download it with Xbox Game Pass will be able to play it on a console and a PC. Although these console codes can’t be natively accessed on an Xbox system, most changes made by them will be reflected on the save file.

To use an example, let’s say you come across a particularly enticing safe but don’t have any Digipicks on you. With the PC version, you can use console commands to add some to your inventory. The new amount will then be reflected the next time you play the game on your Xbox.

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There are some caveats to remember, though:

  • Not every console command will work on your Xbox (such as God mode).
  • Using console commands will prevent you from earning any achievements. This should carry over to when you’re playing on Xbox, too.
  • This cross-save functionality works with the Xbox app/Microsoft Store version, not the Steam version.

That’s all there is to know about how to use console commands for Starfield on Xbox. If you don’t want to rely on them for everything, our expansive Starfield guides page has you covered.

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