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Starfield: Juno’s Gambit Choice Guide — Save or Destroy Juno? Answered

Here's what happens when you choose to save or destroy Juno in Starfield.

Wondering about whether to destroy or save Juno during Juno’s Gambit in Starfield? Juno in is an AI owned by Ryujin Operatives that has supposedly gone rogue and started causing chaos. You come across it (or her) when you come to the Tau Ceti system and go to Tau Ceti III. You’ll be met with a ship battle against a Level 12 ship and have to beat it to activate the mission. Then you’ll overhear some talking on a nearby mysterious ship you can board. Here’s whether you should save or destroy Juno during Juno’s Gambit in Starfield.

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Should You Save or Destroy Juno During Juno’s Gambit in Starfield? Answered

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When you get on the ship, you can talk to two Ryujin Operatives that mention Juno. They’ll then task you with putting a control board on the AI. This begins the mission to choose between saving Juno or destroying them. If you’re confused about what to do, here’s what happens when you make the choice.

The choice to kill or save Juno is ultimately yours, but it can result in different ways to handle this mission. There is a third option you can get if you are a Ryujin Operative, too, and it’s the best outcome.

What Happens If You Destroy Juno?

If you’re looking to side with the Ryujin Operatives and destroy Juno, you can put the control board on it. Juno will plead and beg with you, it’s just like a person — just with biomass. It will tell you more about its backstory to try and persuade you, too. However, you can skip some of this by confirming your mind is made up.

You can then use the control board on Juno causing it to ultimately shut down. The Operatives will let you go on your way, and that will be it — until Juno boots back up and comes to murder the two operatives.

What Happens If You Saving Juno?

When Juno’s pleas get to you, saving her is another option you can take. She’ll ask you to get rid of the Ryujin Operatives. You can talk to them, or you can choose to start taking care of them. Unless you’re a Ryujin Operative yourself, talking to them won’t change anything so get rid of them to save Juno. Before she leaves, she’ll ask about her purpose in life before calling you her friend and leaving.

What Happens If You Save Everyone?

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This last option is only available if you’e a Ryujin Operative. This choice lets you speak with the other two operatives and persuade them to let Juno live. After swaying their minds, you can go to Juno and let her know she won’t be destroyed. She’ll be happy and ask you for some guidance in life before taking the ship on her new life. You’ll need to fly the other two operatives to Neon, and then your mission will be complete having saved everyone.

That covers whether you should save or destroy Juno in Starfield. Unfortunately, the best outcome is trapped behind being a Ryujin Operative, but you can still minimize unnecessary violence. If you’re looking for more information on choices or other tips and tricks, head to our Starfield guides hub.

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