Starfield: Should You Betray Delgado with Mathis? Choice Guide

Mathis wants you to betray Delgado but should you? Or Should you rat him out? Here's what goes down with each choice.

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Starfield is an incredible game that has hundreds of hours of content to explore. In that content, you’ll be making so many choices that it’s hard to keep track of. However, the best part of the game is that your choices reverberate throughout the rest of your adventure. One of those choices pops up during the Crimson Fleet, so here’s the answer to whether you should betray Delgado with Mathis in Starfield.

Should You Betray Delgado With Mathis in Starfield?

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Mathis is the clearest example of an “I instantly hate you” character in video games. Whether it’s his ridiculous hair, his mustache, or his overall personality, there’s a lot to not like about this guy the second you meet him. See, you two are the hot new recruits in the Crimson Fleet. Despite him pestering Delgado to no end, you two are both granted the chance to visit The Lock, which is your ultimate test.

That quest involves quite a bit of combat. But during it, you’ll become separated from Delgado and stuck with — you guessed it — Mathis! Being stuck with arguably the worst person in the Crimson Fleet is rough enough, but you’ll be getting swarmed by aliens shortly after.

Mathis, the genius that he is, decides to pose the question of whether or not you should both kill Delgado and try to take his place as head of the Crimson Fleet. Once he poses this question, the choice becomes yours: do you sell him out? Join him? Kill him on the spot? The choices are various, so let’s explore what each one does.

What Happens if You Side Betray Delgado with Mathis?

If you decide to side with Mathis, you’ll immediately call his bluff. Mathis will back out at the last moment, which is both disappointing and totally expected. This guy is just the worst. He can’t even be evil correctly, so it’s no wonder he can’t follow through on his threats.

If you side with Mathis, he’ll actually be available as a recruitable companion later on. Once you make your decision in the Eye of the Storm quest, you’ll have the chance to recruit him then. Unfortunately, you might encounter him if you decide to side with the UC on board The Key.

If this happens, as far as I can tell, the only option you have is to kill him or make a beeline toward Delgado. Even if you do this, Mathis will be hostile and either get killed by the UC Systdef on board, or you will have to finish him off before leaving.

What Happens if You Don’t Side with Mathis?

If you act against Mathis, you can choose to expose him to Delgado when the three of you reunite in The Lock. It’s not the thrilling result that you might expect, as Mathis doesn’t get so much as a scolding. Weak coming from the leader of the fearsome Crimson Fleet. However, exposing Mathis will lead to consequences later.

If you happen to be traveling throughout the galaxy, you might get jumped in space by none other than Mathis. Mathis doesn’t take kindly to being betrayed, and he’ll have with him a little fleet of his own to take you down. You can either eliminate him here, escape, or board his ship and finish the job up close and personal.

And that answers if you should betray Mathis with Delgado in Starfield. Despite my initial hatred for the character, once his false bravado falls, he makes for a great companion and is one of the few companions in the game who doesn’t mind if you kill the occasional innocent or rob without abandon. If this guide helped you out, check out the rest of our Starfield guides.

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