Starfield: Should You Free the Alien Zoo Creatures on the Scow

Here's what happens if you free the zoo creatures on the Scow in Starfield.

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When you board the Scow in Starfield, you’ll have a few different paths you can utilize to obtain the Artifact. One of these is setting free the alien creatures in an area called the Zoo. Filled with aggressive beasts, you can open their cages at various stages of your excursion through the ship. So, should you free the alien zoon creatures on the Scow in Starfield? Here are the different outcomes.

Should You Free the Alien Zoo Creatures on the Scow in Starfield

The Zoo is found in the lower areas of the Scow. It’s filled with bug-type creatures, specifically giant crickets, spiders, and beetles. If you’re looking to lower the numbers you have to fight in No Sudden Moves, then you’ll most likely want some backup when fighting breaks out. This is a relatively good way to clear out enemies while not being directly in harm’s way.

When sneaking through the Scow, a distraction can be a godsend when trying to pass security without being detected. When released, they’ll go after all crew members on the ship, sowing chaos. This is especially helpful if you open the pens after you’ve obtained the Artifact.

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However, you’ll have to deal with the animals later on. When unlocking the cages, you should leave the area immediately or hide if you don’t want to be attacked. Otherwise, the beasts may target you, as well as the ship’s crew.

There are only two reasons not to unlock the cages in the Zoo. Getting to the Zoo can be quite out of the way and easily overlooked. The second reason is you can avoid potentially fighting the creatures. The choice essentially boils down to how you want to play the game.

Regardless of your decision, SSNN will report that Petrov was a poacher based on the evidence found on the Scow after the event. Whether it’s from carcasses or the living beasts still occupying their pens, Petrov’s reputation is further tarnished.

That’s all you should know about freeing the alien creatures in the Zoo on the Scow in Starfield. I didn’t release them myself, but wish I had. The extra targets would’ve been helpful, and animal parts could’ve been harvested. For other quest decision trees, check out the rest of our guides vault.

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