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Starfield: Should You Join the Ebbside Strikers? How to Join

Here's how to join the Ebbside Strikers in Starfield and if it's worth doing so or not.

Starfield has many different factions to join throughout your enormous playthrough. Some of the factions are huge, involving long and complex questlines. However, others are of the smaller variety, still packing a punch but hiding in plain sight instead of being obvious, like the Crimson Fleet or the UC Vanguard. If you want to join a smaller-scale operation. But should you join the Ebbside Strikers? We answer that question and tell you how to join them in Starfield should you choose to.

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Should You Join the Ebbside Strikers in Starfield?

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Joining the Ebbside Strikers isn’t much of a commitment, so whether you should or not is based on how interested you are in taking down the Disciples. It’s all standard stuff, but every quest takes place in Neon, so you won’t have to travel much to find them.

The questline is only three missions long, but it’s a decent romp and will net you some solid equipment along the way. Most games don’t offer a view at the struggling gangs of their worlds; it’s always the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood, all these intimidating as-hell groups. The Ebbside Strikers are a fun look at a gang that wants so badly to be the best but clearly lacks the muscle to get it done.

How to Join the Ebbside Strikers

Whereas the Crimson Fleet are big bads of the galaxy, the Ebbside Strikers are really not that threatening. That seems to be a theme in Starfield, to be honest, as this isn’t a gritty, dark world like Fallout 4. Instead, it’s a hopeful one where even the worst people are just trying to get by.

  • If you want to join the Strikers, go to Madam Sauvage’s in Neon. It’s tough to find when first going to Neon, so go to one of the exits on the side of the city until you find the door that says Ebbside on it when you select it.

This bar is for the lowlifes of Ebbside. It also happens to be where the headquarters of the Ebbside Strikers is. The boss of the Strikers is on the top floor but talk to some of the members first. Like most factions in Starfield, they’ll react condescendingly to you but shrug it off; you’ll be one of them soon enough.

Talking to the boss on the third floor will get you started. He’s pretty soft for a gang boss and is quite desperate for anyone who can help him out against the real danger to Neon, the Disciples. He needs you to do a mission for him to prove your ability. The Mission is an easy and quick one. Complete it, killing a few disciples along the way if you’d like, and you’re in.

That answers the question: Should you join the Ebbside Strikers in Starfield? It also details how to get started with the game. The Ebbside Strikers are far from the most interesting part of Starfield, but they’re a small-scale look at what gang conflict could look like in a futuristic world. For more tips and tricks on Bethesda’s space RPG, check out our other guides here.

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