Starfield: Should You Recruit the Adoring Fan

Have this annoying fella follow you around in Starfield.

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The Adoring Fan originally appeared in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion as a Bosmer. Since then, he’s been the subject of jokes among the fandom for years. Now that he’s back in Starfield, let’s see what he actually brings to the table and whether you should recruit the Adoring Fan this time around.

Should You Recruit the Adoring Fan in Starfield

Just an hour or so after starting the campaign, the Adoring Fan will show up and greet you. In my case, I met him in my initial playthrough when I was in the United Colonies office in New Atlantis. Later, during my New Game+ run, he popped up when I was inside the Sanctum Universum church.

How to Recruit the Adoring Fan

You can recruit the Starfield Adoring Fan if you select the Hero Worshiped trait during character creation. The trait itself has the following description: “You’ve earned the attention of an annoying ‘Adoring Fan’ who will show up randomly and jabber at you incessantly. On the plus side, he’ll join your ship’s crew and give you gifts.”

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Adoring Fan Skills and Functions

The Adoring Fan has the following skills:

  • Scavenging 1
  • Concealment 1
  • Weightlifting 2

For the most part, having him as your active follower means that he can store more items in his inventory, thanks to his rank 2 Weightlifting skill. The other skills don’t necessarily give him viable boosts.

Moreover, he can be assigned as part of your ship’s crew or as an NPC in an outpost. I personally just moved him to one of my outposts later in the campaign because he doesn’t have any skills that buff any of the ship’s systems. At the very least, he was of more use to me as an outpost guard.

Naturally, a key reason why players might pick the Adoring Fan trait is because of the interactions. He blabbers on and on about how he much he idolizes you, from gushing over your deeds to marveling at your mere presence. However, he prefers a platonic relationship, which means you won’t be able to flirt around or romance him.

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What You Miss Out on If You Recruit the Adoring Fan

The question of whether or not you should recruit the Starfield Adoring Fan simply boils down to which traits you’d want to select during character creation. Since you’re limited to only three traits, you’re missing out on another option that might be viable.

For instance, I like the Empath and Extrovert traits because they confer boosts when I’m exploring with a companion. In your case, however, your third pick might be something related to faction allegiance (i.e. United Colonies, Freestar Collective, or Neon), or a religious sect (i.e. Raised Enlightened, Raised Universal, or Great Serpent). As such, selecting Hero Worship does net you the Adoring Fan early on, but you’ll miss out on a trait that could be beneficial, too.

That’s everything you need to know about the Adoring Fan in Starfield. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our guides hub.

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