Starfield: Should You Take the Bribe from Ron Hope

Taking a bribe from Ron Hope can have far reaching consequences in Starfield.

Ron Hope is the head of HopeTech in Starfield, the company who’s ship was stolen for The First mercenaries. Left with a feeling that not all was revealed during a conversation with the man during the Freestar Rangers questline, your next encounter can quickly spiral out of control. With a significant decision on the line, should you take the bribe offered by Ron Hope in Starfield?

Please note that this guide contains many spoilers.

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Should You Take the Bring from Ron Hope in Starfield

Once you’ve defeated all of The First members and squared off against Paxton Hull, he ends up revealing a shocking truth before his demise. Ron Hope, owner of HopeTech, was behind the whole plot. It explains why no one saw or said anything about a stolen ship. He also has a slate, kept as a contingency plan in case Hope double crossed him, that lays out the plan.

Evidence in hand, grav jump to HopeTown and confront Hope, who you’ll find in the middle of the factory. The conversation can get quite intense, especially if you fail any persuasion attempts. However, the biggest difference in resolutions comes from a single choice: To accept a hefty bribe from Ron Hope or be attacked by him.

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Outcome of Accepting the Bribe

You’ll get a hefty sum if you accept the bribe. Ron Hope will stay alive and continue executing underhanded and shady business practices to provide for the people of HopeTown. The SSNN news won’t get a new story, at least not as big a one as when you turn him down.

On the flip side, you get multiple negative interactions with your companions at Constellation: Sam, Barrett, Sarah, and Andreja. While Andreja will be more forgiving, the other three will question your morality. Your relationships with each will fall, especially if one of them was your active companion at the time.

Outcome of Turning Down the Bribe

If you reject Hope’s bribe, the argument will escalate until he strips you of your Ranger authority and orders his guards to kill you. Cosette and a few unnamed guards will begin firing, as well as Ron Hope. The only real option here is to defend yourself and kill all enemies. The exception to this is if you’ve leveled up your EM Weapons enough that they can immobilize a person instead of killing them. This can still resolve the situation, but leaves Hope alive.

If Hope dies Sam will question the outcome as he admired the man, but doesn’t dislike anything that you’ve inherently done. The other Constellation members will feel the same way. Reporting back to Marshal Blake, he’ll be surprised, but based on the data slate and other information, will accept what you’ve done. You’ll be promoted to Ranger status, gifted the Star Eagle, as well as the standard Freestar Rangers equipment.

The only loose thread from killing Ron Hope will be the future of HopeTech. While SSNN news swirls about the controversy surrounding his death, the business will have to find a way to keep going. Whether that actually happens remains to be seen.

Those are the outcomes of whether you take the bribe from Ron Hope or reject it in Starfield. I personally ended up killing him as I’m playing a good guy game, but it was a tough decision. For more quest walkthroughs, how-to guides, and item locations, check out our library of game guides.

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