Starfield: Should You Travel with a Companion?

Companions can often get in the way, but is it worth traveling with one in Starfield?

Just like many other Bethesda games, there’s no lack of companions that want to travel with you in Starfield. From those just looking for a job to your romanceable Constellation compatriots or the ones needing to find a new place to call home, there are quite a few clamoring to join your crew. If you normally adventure solo in games, should you travel with a companion in Starfield?

Should You Travel with a Companion in Starfield?

It’s been a few years since the last single-player RPG game from Bethesda launched. Fallout 4 released in November of 2015, with Fallout 76 joining the post-apocalyptic party after that. Skyrim originally released in 2011. It’s been eight years since we’ve had to make the decision of traveling with a companion or not.

In that time, there have been more than a couple of upgrades to Bethesda’s companion system. This specifically references the named companions, not the ones who only go by their title or specialty. These compatriots, especially your Constellation friends, have unique stories and dialogue lines. Thankfully, they stay out of the way during a firefight.

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I’ve always been of the belief that companions are unnecessary in games. They can stay home, guard a base, or do something else if they’re not traveling with me. This is especially true in Skyrim. Forced party members drove me up a wall every single time it occurred. Lone Ranger was my style.

The same can’t be said for Starfield. Companions are more than bait and inventory space. Walter proves useful in a fight, Vasco often runs out to attack an enemy ahead of me, and Sam will give you a resource he randomly found while exploring. They take cues well from the situation, with crew such as Andreja being able to stealth better than myself.

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It should be noted that many companion lines in previous games were limited, with them repeating every time you’re near or speak with them. I’m especially thinking of Ignatia Wildsmith in Hogwarts Legacy. While not a companion, hearing the same handful of lines over and over again is enough to drive anyone bonkers.

I’ve traveled with a variety of companions and extensively with Sam Coe, topping over 30 hours of gameplay. I’ve heard two lines repeat. That’s it. The actual dialogue that comes with them really helps to make the characters feel real and more than an additional target.

What’s an RPG without realistic characters that drive the story? Just words on a page, lines spoken through a screen. Companions in Starfield add a layer to all parts of the game, including their ability to interact with other NPCs depending on their background and the scene. This helps bring the world to life. If you haven’t traveled with any companions yet, you should strongly consider it. The experience is well worth the time.

If you’re looking for a simple yes or no, then yes: you should travel with a companion in Starfield. For walkthroughs on romancing companions, what companions are available to add to your crew or how to complete companion missions, look through our guides vault.

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