Starfield The Key Guide: Vendors, Locations, and Quests

The Key may not be a city, but it's the hub for the Crimson Fleet in Starfield.

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The Key is the headquarters of the Crimson Fleet located in the Kryx system in Starfield. A space station filled with cutthroat pirates, you’ll be calling this place home if you decide to join their ranks. With multiple shops, their own mission board, and an extensive questline, you’ll be visiting it quite often. Here are all the vendors, locations, and quests you’ll find at the Key in Starfield.

The Key: Vendors, Locations, and Quests

The Key History

The Key orbits around Suvorov and was originally a United Colonies space station set above the Lock, their maximum security prison. Taken over by Jasper Kryx after his escape, it became the new stronghold of the Crimson Fleet. A band of pirates united under a single name, the Crimson Fleet terrorizes various merchants, shipping vessels, and military members of both the UC and Freestar Collective.

While it’s not technically a city, the Key has multiple areas within it. Reckoner’s Core is the main area. You’ll find the Depot, Bunks, and bar there. On the second level is part of the Bunks, including the Captain’s Quarters and the Operations Center. If you choose to side with the Crimson Fleet, you’ll be able to customize the Captain’s Quarters.

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The Key: Depot Vendors

Unlike other vendors in the Settled Systems, any merchant in the Depot will take stolen and contraband goods.

  • Ship Services
  • TK’s Tactical Gear
  • Aludra’s Weapon Shop
  • Isra’s General Goods
  • Zuri’s Essentials
  • Trade Authority
  • Medbay
    • Contains Pharmaceutical Lab
  • The Last Nova
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The Key Locations

  • Shinya Voss’ hacking chair
    • Crimson Fleet Mission Board kiosk
  • Shooting Range
  • Gym
  • Workbenches
    • Weapon Workbench
    • Spacesuit Workbench
    • Research Station
  • Bunks
  • Operations Center

The Key Quests

Rook Meets King is the first quest of the SysDef and Crimson Fleet storyline that takes place at the Key. Before then, you can see it while flying around, but you won’t be able to land on it until you have that mission.

  • Rook Meets King
  • Reclaiming the Past
  • Doctor’s Orders

Those are all the vendors, locations, and quests available at the Key in Starfield. If you side with UC SysDef, you won’t be able to find any of the vendors listed after the Key is taken. When you’re in need of a specific item they sell or want to finish any side quests, it’s best to do it before then. For help completing a variety of Starfield quests, or where to find certain items, take a look at our guides hub.

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