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Starfield: Best Free Ships

Here are the Top 5 best free ships in Starfield, including tips on how to get them all.

There are only a handful of free ships in Starfield, but some of them are so good that it’s worth going through all the trouble to get them. Although some may need more upgrades than others, a gratis ship is always a good thing. Nothing can beat that. You can also break these vessels for spare parts if you don’t want to pilot them anymore, so nothing ever goes to waste. Our guide will show you the best free ships in Starfield, including tips on how to get each of them.

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Best Free Ships in Starfield

Here’s a quick breakdown of the top 5 best ships in Starfield:

Star Eagle

Star Eagle is an excellent free ship in Starfield with a lot of cargo space and high speed. But I still suggest you upgrade the reactor and add another engine so you can carry twice as much cargo (6,000). This ship has three weapons on board: LAS 12, MSL 130, and EM 2. So you won’t have trouble fighting off those pesky pirates during your missions.

  • How to get Star Eagle:
    1. Reach “The Empty Nest” main mission during your campaign.
    2. Travel to Akila City, Akila.
    3. Speak to ranger Emma Wilcox of the Freestar Collective faction.
    4. Complete the faction’s entire questline, including the following missions:
      • Job Gone Wrong
      • Deputized
      • Where Hope is Built
      • Shadows in Neon
      • Surgical Strike
      • On the Run
      • First to Fight, First to Die
      • The Hammer Falls
    5. Receive the Star Eagle ship as a reward for completing all faction quest.

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Razorleaf has a much smaller cargo capacity than Star Eagle, as well as crew and shield capacities. But it’s recognized by the pirates as the Mantis ship, and they flee for their lives whenever they encounter it. Even if you change all the parts, the pirates will never attack you again. That’s just how Mantis affects pirates in Starfield! Also, you can get Razorleaf way sooner than Star Eagle and with a lot less stress. Of course, you’d have to pour in tons of cash to upgrade it properly, especially those engines and cargo bay.

  • How to get Razorleaf:
    1. Travel to the Nova Galactic Staryard in Luna’s orbit.
    2. Kill Spacers until one of them drops the “Secret Outpost!” note.
    3. Travel to Denebola and complete the “Mantis” side quest.
    4. Receive the Razorleaf ship as a reward.

Kepler R

Kepler R is the largest free cargo ship in Starfield. So, if you’re looking to specifically move as much cargo as possible without paying for your ship, then I highly recommend unlocking this ship. Note that you must have Pilot Rank 4 to be able to pilot Kepler R since it’s a huge C-class ship.

You could easily grind those ranks at the Pilot Simulator at UC Vanguard or just hire the best crew member to do it for you. Of course, you could opt for a more budget-friendly Kepler S version of the same ship, which is smaller in size. But it has no ship weapons, and that’s a serious drawback for any cargo ship.

  • How to get Kepler R:
    1. Complete the “High Price to Pay” mission at The Lodge, Jemison.
    2. Start the “Overdesigned” quest by speaking to Jules at Stroud-Ecklund Staryard.
    3. Pass the Persuasion check to convince her to get a bigger budget.
    4. Speak to each member of the crew and always choose the most positive answer.
    5. Complete the quest by choosing the “Compromise” option at the end.
    6. Receive the Kepler R ship as a reward after speaking to Jules again.


This little ship is comparable to Razorleaf and the Frontier starting ship in terms of speed and cargo capacity (800). Although it’s extremely easy to unlock Wanderwell, you’ll have to pay your parents regular wages that constitute only a tiny fraction of your earnings, so it’s definitely worth it. On top of that, you’ll be receiving special gifts, including Gran-Gran’s spacesuit and helmet, Sir Livingston’s pistol, and a large backpack for additional carrying capacity.

  • How to get Wanderwell: Choose “Kid Stuff” trait in the character creation menu.

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UC Prison Shuttle

UC Prison Shuttle has twice as much cargo capacity as Wanderwell, but all of its other characteristics aren’t as good. It’s absolutely devoid of any shields or weapons, and it can crew only one person. Also, you’d have to go through a series of very questionable Crimson Fleet quests to unlock it.

But since it’s still a free ship, there’s definitely some benefit to getting it and fully upgrading. Also, once you become a member of the Crimson Fleet faction, you’ll get various benefits, including access to The Key space station, safe passage through the Kryx System, and access to the Space Jammer.

  • How to get UC Prison Shuttle:
    1. Speak to commander John Tuala at UC Vanguard, New Atlantis.
    2. Complete the first two United Colonies faction missions:
      • Supra et Ultra
      • Grunt Work
    3. Complete the first four Crimson Fleet faction missions:
      • Deep Cover
      • Rook Meets King
      • Burden of Proof
      • Echoes of the Past
    4. Escape the prison on the UC Prison Shuttle during the “Echoes of the Past” quest.
    5. Receive the ship as a reward after successfully escaping the prison.

Those are the top 5 best free ships in Starfield. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks articles right here.

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