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Starfield: What is Quantum Essence? Explained

Quantum Essence is an item found in Starfield, but not listed in your inventory.

Quantum Essence is a special item obtained from battle in Starfield. Remnants of defeated Starborn, it’s not an item stored in your inventory. More of a fuel source when compared to regular loot, you’ll find it tracked on the bottom left of your Powers screen. So what is Quantum Essence in Starfield? We’ll explain here and tell you how to get it.

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What is Quantum Essence in Starfield? Explained

Quantum Essence is an item obtained by killing Starborn or taking out their ships. You get a single Essence for each ship or person eliminated instead of traditional loot. It won’t start dropping until you acquire the Anti-Gravity Field power at Temple Eta during the main quest Into the Unknown.

From then on, you’ll gain it whenever you’re victorious against Starborn enemies. To see the total amount you have, head to the Powers page found at the top of the character menu. The amount you have, as well as the ability to use it, is listed on the bottom left.

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How to Use Quantum Essence

Once you get your first Quantum Essence, you’ll be able to see that it acts as a power-up to your Starborn abilities. You can activate it on the Powers page, both during battle or beforehand. It increases the speed at which your power regenerates for one minute, allowing you to use it more often when fighting. This is especially useful when facing off against large amounts of enemies, during those final battles at the Buried Temple, or when you want to run away from combat.

That’s what Quantum Essence is in Starfield and how to get it. Whether you’re fighting Starborn when collecting artifacts or taking out their vessels, you’ll gain some of this valuable resource. With the remnants of their being, you’ll power your abilities to remain victorious in all your endeavors. For more on Starfield, such as quest walkthroughs, where to find different resources, or how to romance certain NPCs, check out our guides vault.

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