Starfield: Where to Find the Red Mile

Here's where to find the Red Mile in Starfield.

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The Red Mile in Starfield is a shady casino, where you can gamble to win big — or lose all of your credits, depending on your luck. After completing the main mission of the area, you can take part in the Infamous Red Mile Race, too. There are plenty of collectibles and more, so coming here is worth the trip when you know how to get here. Here’s where to find the Red Mile in Starfield.

Where to Find the Red Mile in Starfield

The Red Mile is located on Porrima III in the Porrima star system. It’s three systems east of Alpha Centauri. You can travel there simply by grav jumping when space is opened up to you. You earn the freedom to explore the galaxy after heading to New Atlantis with Vasco early on, so be sure to follow the main path initially. After that, you can head to any planet, like the Red Mile.

What to do at the Red Mile

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Because the Red Mile is a casino, one of the main things to do is gamble. However, you can do much more than that. There is a Red Mile Race you can take part in that sets you on a path towards a beacon. The race is full of treacherous beasts and traps, so we’ve made an entire guide on how to survive the Red Mile race here.

The Red Mile also has a spaceport, where you can find Lon Andersson. He handles the ship services and has a nice selection of ship parts in his stock. He can repair your ship, as well.

Exploration is another piece of the Red Mile, so check around for any collectibles during your stay there. You can even find things during the Red Mile Race, making it worth a run or two.

That’s all to know about where to find the Red Mile in Starfield. Even though the recommended level for this area is 30, you can venture over anytime to experience it for yourself. Just know you may be under leveled, especially if you haven’t explored elsewhere or used console commands to boost your level. If you’re looking for more location guides and information check out our other guides for Starfield.

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