Start Fallout 4 with these amazing weapons

Starting Fallout 4? Here's how to find some of the best guns at the beginning of the game!
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"Guns...lots of guns."

The Commonwealth is no place for screwing around. With raiders, radroaches, super mutants, and worse roaming this vicious playground, you can be sure of one thing: you're gonna need guns.

Fortunately, with a massive arsenal available for scavenging and modifying, Fallout 4 offers more than enough weaponry for...experimenting. In fact, four of the most powerful pieces can be obtained mere minutes after you've emerged from Vault 111. That is, of course, if you know where to look.

Here's where to find some of Fallout 4's best guns right at the start of the game!

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Fat Man

The Fat Man is a missile launcher that fires mini nukes, and you can grab it just after leaving Vault 111!

When you first leave the vault, head directly east for about 2 minutes. After navigating around a small lake, you'll see a junkyard symbol appear on your compass. Head towards the direction of this icon, and you'll soon discover the Robotics Disposal Ground. Hidden among the heaps of scrap, you'll find a fusion core and ye olde Fat Man. No ammo unfortunately, but you're one step closer to causing some serious carnage.


The Cryolator is the closest thing to Mr. Freeze's arsenal you'll find in the Commonwealth. One blast from this baby will slow your enemies down, while a couple more will shatter them like ice.

After you meet Dogmeat at the Red Rocket Gas Station just south of Sanctuary, head straight back to Vault 111. To descend back down the elevator, you'll have to press the red button in the small structure on the vault's east side. Once you've made it back down to the entrance, you should see two doorways; the right leads back to the cryochambers, and the left leads to the Overseer's office. Go through the left doorway.

In the office is a lockbox hanging on the wall with the Cryolator locked inside. No need to spot it, though! Just "talk" to Dogmeat, and ask him to "fetch" any hidden "items." He should immediately approach the lockbox and magically retrieve the gun for you.

Junk Jet

Another legacy launcher from Fallout 3, the Junk Jet allows you to use any miscellanious junk you've scavenged as ammo. Anything from tin cans to toy cars will give you around 40 points of damage with this machine.

This one requires a quest, so grab the other two and some other weapons first. By walking into Cambridge, a quest called Fire Support will automatically begin. Complete the quest by listening to the new radio frequency and coming to Paladin Danse's aid. After completion, Danse will offer the quest Call to Arms. This quest brings you to Arcjet Systems, where you will eventually find the Junk Jet.

Righteous Authority

After Completing the Call to Arms mission, Danse will offer you this laser rifle as compensation for your services. Besides having exceptional stats for a starter gun, Righteous Authority also does double damage for all critical shots, and refills your critical hit meter 15% faster.

After grabbing these four baddies, you'll be well on your way towards conquering the Commonwealth! However, if that's not enough for you, PC players can always get all the weapons and armor in the developer room.

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