Trying to finish your fishing rack and baitbox? Can't find any Rhino Beetles? Well you've come to the right place!

Staxel Guide: Finding Rhino Beetles

Trying to finish your fishing rack and baitbox? Can't find any Rhino Beetles? Well you've come to the right place!
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Staxel is the latest Minecraft-esque sandbox game that has garnered people’s attention. The charming little farming sim offers plenty to do as players set out to maintain their homesteads. When the farm life becomes overbearing, it’s nice to be able to spend a day fishing if you would like, and you can do that in Staxel too. 

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To go fishing, you’ll need a fishing rack and baitbox. The Staxel community has pointed out, however, that setting up your fishing rack to go fishing can become a tad cumbersome because it requires a baitbox to craft. Baitboxes can be a pain in the butt to make because they require Rhino Beetles.

Rhino beetle required to make fishing rack and baitbox

The elusive Rhino Beetle

Rhino Beetles are bugs that are used for crafting and have been notoriously hard to find (their description even states, “And they said it wasn’t possible”). Their scarcity is due to a programming error during an update to the game that the developer said they would fix in an upcoming patch. In the meantime, there are two ways to get your hands on Rhino Beetles:

  1. You can try to find the Rhino Beetles the old-fashioned way — just grab your net and start searching for them. They spawn on the sides of trees, and as long as you can highlight them with your net, you’ll be able to reach them and capture them. Other players in the community have speculated that they spawn more often in the rain, but that hasn’t been confirmed.
  2. You can go into creative mode as a workaround to spawn the Rhino Beetle you need. This is the developer’s suggestion if you begin to get too frustrated with the current, reduced spawn rate of the bugs. To go into creative mode, use the commands /enablecheats and /creative. 

Developer info on how to get rhino beetles to create fishing rack and baitbox

Once you have your Rhino Beetles, be sure to stop by the general store to pick up a combiner. You’ll need it to put together your baitbox for the fishing rack.

Happy Fishing!

Where have you found Rhino Beetles? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with new Rhino Beetle locations as we find them!

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