SteamWorld Build Best Production Cards

Not feeling productive? Here's the best production cards in SteamWorld Build

Different production cards in SteamWorld Build
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Production cards make building your settlement and exploring the Mines easier and more efficient, and there are plenty to choose from. However, some are better than others, so which ones should you focus on first? These are the best production cards in SteamWorld Build.

Best SteamWorld Build Production Cards to Get

I’ll break this list of the best production cards into two categories — one for Service Buildings and one for the Mines. Production cards can be primarily purchased for varying prices in the Train Station Item shop, though some can be found in the Mines as you explore.

Best Service Building Cards

Workforce reduction in Lower Workforce production card
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Service buildings require a lot of work, especially if they’re high in demand. If the demand exceeds the production time, begin to lose a lot of Money. Some production cards will prevent that, which you’ll want to focus on. Luckily, with the mining quarters, you’re able to select three for each quarter, making decisions a lot easier.

Lower Workforce 50%

Lower Workforce 50% is extremely beneficial. If you’re like me, you’ve had times where you’ve struggled to meet the specific needs of a citizen, leading to fewer works and dropping fulfillment below 100%. That also means that some service buildings won’t be able to start production, ultimately wasting valuable money and time.

Having the number of workers needed to start production cut in half solves this problem, and I recommend having this item modification on as many service buildings as possible.

Production Speed

Production speed is one type of item modification you can add to a service building. It’ll lead to +40% production speed and 100% speed. This means the service provided while happening at a faster rate, which will equal out the demand, and result in less money loss. 

Best Production Cards for the Mines

Shows Flamethrower card for best production cards
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Production cards can also be used to increase efficiency in the Mines. These are harder to look out for at the Train Station. However, you’re very likely to find them inside Red Toolboxes inside the Mines. The miner production cards are a bit harder to find, as there will be item modification cards for each specific quarter. 

Steambot Revival Bonus

The Steambot Revival Bonus card can only be attached to the Mechanic Quarters. I highly recommend this card. As you venture deeper into the mines, you’ll come across more enemies, and your guards are likely to be taken out. It’s the mechanic’s job to revive them so they can keep attacking enemies, but the process of doing so is tedious. This modification increases revival speed by 200% and movement speed by 66%


The Flamethrower card can only be attached to the Guard Quarters, but it’s well worth the investment. This modification helps Guarads defeat enemies faster since most enemies are weak to fire. It’s especially good against Creeps; once they’ve been lit on fire, they’ll be incinerated immediately.

Those are the best production cards in SteamWorld Build. There are many useful cards to consider using, but these are the first ones you should get when they become available. For more tips and tricks, check out our SteamWorld Build guides hub.

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