SteamWorld Build: How to Get More Scrap

Here's how to acquire more Scrap resources in SteamWorld Build.

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Resources make the world go round, and you’ll find plenty of metals lying about as you construct your robot city. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to search for more since you need the stuff for crafting. Here’s how to get more Scrap in SteamWorld Build.

How to Get More Scrap in SteamWorld Build

You can get more Scrap in SteamWorld Build by creating a Scrap Extractor in the mines. Initially, Scrap is given to you as part of your playthrough when you achieve certain milestones. These are primarily to help you with early-game construction. Later, though, you’ll need to find more of it underground. There’s just no other efficient way to go about it.

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How to Find and Gather Scrap in the Mines

If you want acquire more Scrap in SteamWorld Build, you’ll need to find Scrap Veins in the mines. Make sure your Miners are digging through various tunnel sections until you spot a particular vein marked with a gear. Once you’ve seen it, follow these steps:

  • Workshops — Each Workshop tile costs 300x Money, 1x Tools, and 1x Boards. However, you need at least nine connected tiles just to activate your first extractor slot. I advise you not to waste too many resources since you only need as many extractors as there are nodes.
  • Scrap Extractor — Each structure costs 1,000x Money, 5x Tools, and 8x Boards. There are various kinds of extractors in the game, so I recommend choosing the one that’s most efficient for the job.
  • Prospector Quarters — Each tile costs 125x Money, 2x Gold, and 1x Boards. Similar to Workshops and Miner Quarters, you need nine interconnected tiles for your first recruit. I should also note that you only need one Prospector unit for every node/extractor that you want to power up. As such, I would advise you not to recruit more than what’s necessary.
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In any case, once your Scrap Extractor is up and running, you’ll notice that it generates the resources over time. From there, you should be able to create more Tools so you can construct additional buildings that make your citizens happy.

That’s how to get more Scrap in SteamWorld Build. Since you’re already exploring underground areas, you might want to know how to create bridges, how to prevent mine collapses, and how to detect resources. For more tips and strategies, you can check out our SWBuild guides hub.

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