Looking for the best units in Steel Division 2? Then, take a look at this list of the best units for your battlegroups.

Steel Division 2 Guide: Best Units for Deck Building

Looking for the best units in Steel Division 2? Then, take a look at this list of the best units for your battlegroups.
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Eugen Systems has introduced a brand-new deck building menu in Steel Division 2. It offers players a wide selection of different unit types, which they can deploy during the three main phases of battle.

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If you’ve never played a Steel Division game, then you will probably find it really hard to choose the best units for your battlegroup.

Below, you will find a list of the best units for all three available nations in the game: Germany, USSR, and Hungary. This guide will help you build the best divisions and achieve one victory after another.

Best Recon Units

  • Aufk.Panther D: This is an armored recon tank with high speed, which is perfect for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. The Deployment cost is rather high at 120 points, but it’s worth every bit of it.
  • Sd.Kfz. 250/1: This light armored transporter truck is a lot cheaper than the Panther, but it’s certainly a great recon vehicle, which may not be as effective in combat. However, it will surely protect your personnel well.
  • 39M Csaba: This is an armored recon vehicle equipped with 39M AT rifle and Gebauer 1934/40.M machine-gun. It’s a highly mobile unit with an engine capable of generating 90 horsepower and traversing all types of terrain.
  • T-34/76 Razvedka: This armored recon tank is still considered the best-designed tank of WW2. It combines a powerful engine and thick armor.

Best Infantry Units

  • S.MG 42: This is a machine-gun unit with Schweres MG 42 considered to be the most important infantry unit in the game. The main strategy would be not to support other units with it, but to protect this unit from the assault.
  • Jäger MG 42: This is an alternative to S.MG 42 unit with similar stats.
  • Huszar Golyoszorosok: A very effective battalion that consists of a rifle squad, an SMG squad, and one machine-gun.
  • Shatrafniki: This is the most heavily weaponized infantry unit in the game. The squads carry 13 rifles, three SMGs, three machine-guns, and one anti-tank rifle.
  • Kaz. Komroti: This is a much lighter squadron equipped with rifles and smoke grenades, but it has access to six types of vehicles.

Best Tank Units

  • Panther A: This is one of the best German medium tanks, designed to counter the Soviet T-34 tank.
  • Tiger E: This is the most powerful Tiger tank model and the best German heavy tank in the game. It has an especially strong engine with 650 horsepower, capable of traversing any kind of battlefield.
  • KV-85: This Soviet heavy tank has a tremendous advantage over any other tank in the game due to its anti-tank weapon protection. Although, the thick armor does make it rather clunky.

Best Support Unit

  • Sturmpanzer KV-2(r): This is an assault gun on rails. It’s definitely too heavy and slow to be deployed in front of other units. But as a support unit, it fits perfectly with its powerful 152mm Howitzer cannon.

Best Anti-Tank Units

  • PaK 43 88mm: This anti-tank weapon can penetrate armor as thick as 230mm at a distance of 2,000m.
  • Jagdpanzer 38: This is another assault gun on wheels, but it is much faster and more powerful than the Sturmpanzer. However, it’s penetrative power isn’t as effective as the PaK 43 at 190mm.
  • ZiS-2 57mm: This Soviet anti-tank weapon can deal with both Panther and Tiger tanks at the distance of 2,000m.

Best Artillery Units

  • Beo.Schwim. 210mm: This is a highly-mobile German artillery observer that carries the Morser 18 artillery weapon with 210mm barrel, which is capable of reaching 100 km/h on roads.
  • Wurfrahmen 40: This is a German multiple rocket launcher system, which is mounted on an armored half-track with the capacity to reach objectives as far as 2,200m.
  • Dzhip KAO 152mm: This Soviet artillery unit consists of the Jeep vehicle capable of running at 105 km/h and equipped with three heavy Howitzer guns.

Best Air Units

  • He 111 H-16 Heavy Bomber: Having one heavy bomber or several light aircraft is up to you, but nothing will ever compare to the demolishing power of the H-16 bomber.
  • Me 109 G-6 Dogfighter: One of the finest air fighters of the era doesn’t carry any bomb cargo, but it has a twin MG 131 machine-gun and MG 151/20 autocannon on the nose capable of covering the range of 1,000m.
  • La-7 Light Bomber: If you want to combine the power of H-16 and the speed of G-6, then this light Soviet fighter-bomber is a great choice. It carries two FAB-100 bombs and two Shvak autocannons.

Remember that you don’t have to include all of these units in your deck, but be sure to include Recon units into each and every one of your decks, as they are essential for gathering intel on the positions of your enemies. The rest is up to you!

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