Discover how to destroy those pesky breakable walls in Steelrising with this guide.

Steelrising: How to Destroy Breakable Walls

Discover how to destroy those pesky breakable walls in Steelrising with this guide.

Not long after creating your version of Aegis in Steelrising in the Saint-Cloud level, you’ll come across a part of a wall that’s breakable and has a green sigil on its surface. When you go up to this wall section and try to interact with it, the game will tell you you need a tool to break through.

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The question becomes, where is this tool, and how do you get it? This Steelrising guide will explain how to destroy these breakable walls.

How to Destroy Breakable Walls in Steelrising

Sadly, there’s no easy way to get the tool you need to break these particular walls. All of the tools available in Steelrising are locked behind Titan boss fights, and you’ll need access to the Luxembourg area to get the one that breaks walls. Thankfully, Luxembourg becomes available as a side area early on.

The problem is that Luxembourg becomes a story mission zone in the midgame, so the enemies there are much more difficult than you’d find in the Les Invalides or Le Cite. Make your way through the level until you reach a large square, where you’ll meet The Alchemist of Luxembourg Titan. Defeating him will give you the Alchemist’s Ram upgrade you need to break walls.

How to Beat The Alchemist of Luxembourg

The Alchemist is one of the harder Titan fights in Steelrising. He’s quick, has large AoE attacks, and can inflict every elemental status in the game. He’s got two phases and gains new attacks in each.

The Alchemist of Luxembourg Phase One Attacks


The Alchemist takes a running block stance, then dashes forward after about a quarter second. This attack covers about half the arena and will knock you flying but has a large recovery window for damage if you manage to dodge it.

Spin attack

The Alchemist will wind up briefly, then spin around for about two seconds before stopping for about a half second to recover.


After raising its arms into the air, the Alchemist tracks your location for about half a second before slamming down in front of it. The wind-up gives you plenty of time to dodge around to the boss’s back.


The Alchemist aims its cannon arm at you and fires a flaming ball at you shortly after. The ball explodes whether it hits you or not, and the explosion deals a hefty chunk of damage. Dodge several times directly to the side to avoid it.

Flask Wall

If you stay up in the Alchemist’s face for too long, it will take a short hop back and throw four elemental flasks down in front of it. These all explode on contact with the ground, dealing a large amount of damage in a sizeable radius in front of the boss. Dodge backward to avoid it.

The Alchemist of Luxembourg Phase 2 Attacks

Once the Alchemist reaches half health, it will start spewing fire from the chimney on its back, signaling the shift to the second phase. It will also fill both ends of the arena with Frost damage mist, cutting the size of the area in half.

Fire Field

A close-range attack, the Alchemist stops approaching you and reaches for its midsection while the smokestack on its back begins to belch additional flame. For the next five seconds, the boss will be surrounded by a field of fire that will deal damage and inflict the fire status on you if you don’t escape.

Electrical Field

Another close-range attack, the Alchemist gets as close as it can to you and reaches out one of its arms. Shortly after, a field of electricity emanates from the outstretched arm but only covers the area directly in front of the boss. If you see this attack coming, get behind the Alchemist and deal as much damage as possible: it is locked in the animation for about six seconds.

Ice Droplet Field

Perhaps the deadliest attack in the Alchemist’s arsenal for its speed and damage potential, the boss will drop the frosty basin it holds and quickly drips four icy droplets into it. This attack sends out a large field of pure frost that freezes you in place if hit and ticks for heavy damage once every half-second. It can easily one-shot underleveled players.

The Alchemist of Luxembourg has a huge amount of health, and his most powerful attacks can take off half your health or more in the blink of an eye. Defeat him, however, and you’ll receive a base 7,500 Anima Essence, the Alchemist’s Ram tool for destroying breakable walls, and the ability to awaken the Palais of Luxembourg, provided you’ve collected his memory fragments. For more, check out the best Agility weapons in the game.

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