Steps to Make a Video Game

Think of an idea, create the world and story through artwork, program the game, add the artwork, test, test, test and finally release the game.
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First off, you will need an idea; this could be easy or hard for some. Then you need to write the story behind that idea. Once you have the idea and story, now comes the artwork, what will your game look like, 3D or 2D?

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Language is Everything

Now comes the hard part–the programming. This is where you will need to choose what platform your game will be on; XBOX? Playstation? PC? By doing so, you will be choosing a specific language such as Python, C++, and C#. The coding language is different depending on which you choose. Python for example may have a certain functionality to your game than C# would. So it’s best to check to see what language is best for the game you are making. By choosing a certain language, you determine what platforms you can use. However, most programming languages can write to all platforms, so just find the language that you best understand.

Expressing Your Vision Through Art

So once the game is programmed to run everything you want it to, now comes the artistic side: adding your artwork to the game. Adding sound, artwork, models, and generating the game with your artwork.

Squashing Bugs

Once you got all of that done, then comes the bug testing. Making sure your game works how you intended without any faults. This will most likely take the most time because you may not find every single glitch or bug right at the start and if you do, it will take time to rewrite some of the code.

Ship it out!

Lastly, releasing your game. Make it known, talk about it on different social media websites, like here at, among others such as Facebook, and video game community forums. Creating a video game is no easy task, but it can really payoff if done correctly. I hope you learned something from this article and can’t wait to see what you create!

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