Want to know how to unlock each vendor at the trade depot? Then, check this guide out for everything you need to know!

Story of Seasons Guide: How to Unlock Every Trade Depot Vendor

Want to know how to unlock each vendor at the trade depot? Then, check this guide out for everything you need to know!
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Story of Seasons has a Trade Depot that lets you ship your items to other countries. This is also the only way to sell anything and get money. You start with the Silk Country vendor, but there are several more you can unlock.

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You must fulfill certain shipping requirements to unlock the rest of them and some of them could take forever if you don’t know what you need. I’m going to help you there by listing each vendor and how to unlock them.

Check out my Beginner’s guide for more help and general info/guides on the game.

This guide will go over unlocking all the trade vendors in Story of Seasons including:

  • Trade Vendors – Brief description of what they are.
  • Unlock requirements – What is needed to unlock them.
  • Important Products – Some important items each vendor sells.

Trade Vendors

Trade vendors are the only way for you to make money. Anything you have, can be shipped through a vendor at the Trade Depot. Different Vendors also sell different things and some of these are only available from certain vendors.

There are also recommended shipping items that change for each vendor. These items will sell for more money for as long as they stay on the list. You can check the entrance booth at the trade depot for those items and how long they will sell for the higher price.

  • Be sure to check your calendar often to see when vendors will arrive
  • When vendors arrive at the trade depot, they will stay for 2 days
  • It is good to try to plan your crops around the vendors
    • Crops stay fresh for 3 days, so try to have them ready during their freshness period to increase the amount of money you get for each crop.

Finally, there are trade requests. Each vendor has multiple requests for shipments. Fulfilling these requests not only get you money, but extra rewards items. The items are listed on the request.

Silk Country

How to Unlock
  • You unlock this automatically by going through the tutorial.
Important Items
  • Refrigerator blueprint
  • Coop blueprint
  • Sewing Studio blueprint
  • Seed Maker blueprint
  • Pet House blueprint
  • Hoe and Copper Hoe blueprint
  • Watering Can and Copper Watering Can blueprints
  • Pitchfork blueprint
  • Basic Soup, Grilling, and Starch recipes

Cabin Country

How to Unlock
  • Ship at least 100,000 G worth of items.
  • Get to Summer 1 of year 1 or later.
Important Items
  • Sheep
  • Various animal treats
  • Sickle blueprint
  • Axe blueprint
  • Hammer blueprint
  • Milker blueprint
  • Brush blueprint
  • Pet Whistle blueprint
  • Basic Snack Recipes

Sakura Country

How to Unlock
  • Unlocked Cabin Country
  • Ship at least 200,000 G worth of items. This is total and doesn’t have to come from a specific vendor.
  • Get to Fall 1 of year 1 or later
Important Items
  • Pets
  • Water Paddy Seeds

Wheat Country

How to Unlock
  • Unlocked Sakura Country
  • Ship at least 500,000 G worth of items.
Important Items
  • Gems
  • Higher level seeds and Animals

Rose Country

How to Unlock
  • Unlocked Wheat Country
  • Ship at least 1,000,000 G worth of items
Important Items
  • Wine 
  • Herbs 
  • Cheese
  • Flower Seeds

Tropical Country

How to Unlock
  • Unlocked Rose Country
  • Ship at least 3,000,000 G worth of items
  • Ship a number of items depending on difficulty
    • Normal – 500 seeds, 15,000 crops, 100 tools, 600 clothes, 15,000 cooked recipes, and 10,000 processed goods
    • Seedling – 350 seeds, 10,500 crops, 70 tools, 420 clothes, 10,500 cooked recipes, and 7,000 processed goods
Important Items
  • Various fruit tree seedlings
  • Cocoa tree seedling
  • Various Downy Tufts
  • Orichalcum Hoe blueprint
  • Orichalcum Watering Can blueprint
  • Master Fishing Pole blueprint

Ice Country

How to Unlock 
  • Unlocked Rose Country
  • Ship at least 3,000,000 G worth of items
  • Ship a number of items depending on difficulty
    • Normal – 100 streets, 200 garden objects, 100 fences, 100 furniture, 200 decorations, and 100 flooring/wallpaper
    • Seedling – 70 streets, 140 garden objects, 70 fences, 70 furniture, 140 decorations, and 70 flooring/wallpaper
Important Items
  • Large amount of ice
  • Orichcalcum
  • Mythic Tools

That wraps up my guide on unlocking trade vendors. Let me know if you have any questions. For more help with Story of Seasons, please visit my Beginner’s Guide.

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