Stranded Deep: Do Rocks Respawn?

You'll need plenty of rocks in Stranded Deep. Find out if they respawn here.

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Stranded Deep will have you crafting to stay alive, and one of the most essential resources is Rocks. You’ll be picking them up all over the place during your time with the game, but you may notice you can’t pick more up from somewhere you may have a little while ago. This presents the question: Do rocks respawn in Stranded Deep? Find your answer here in our guide.

Do Rocks Respawn in Stranded Deep?

Rocks are essential the moment you crash land in Stranded Deep. You’ll need them for all your basic tools, and more. However, it didn’t take me long to exhaust the available rocks on my starter island, so I was left wondering if I’ll see them respawn. Unfortunately, no, rocks do not respawn in Stranded Deep.

How to Get Rocks in Stranded Deep

You’ll need to visit other islands to collect more rocks. Since they aren’t a renewable resource, you’ll want to use make sure you don’t waste any in unnecessary crafting recipes. For this reason, I recommend you collect rocks as needed.

How to Mine Rocks in Stranded Deep

While you can easily collect rocks scattered on islands, you can gather a larger amount at a time at rock nodes. You can mine large stone deposits with a refined pick for up to six rocks. Here’s how to craft a refined pick:

  • Prerequisite: Crafting level three
  • x1 Stick
  • x2 Leather
  • x2 Stone Tools

Uses for Rocks

Considering rocks are tough to find, I recommend you plan ahead by taking all of the recipes that require rocks into consideration. Here are all the recipes that require rocks:

  • Stone Tool
    • x1 Rock
  • Water Still
    • x3 Rock
    • x1 Lashing
    • x1 Palm Front
    • x1 Coconut Flask
    • x1 Cloth
  • Raft Anchor
    • x6 Rock
    • x1 Stick
    • x4 Lashing
  • Fish Trap 
    • x2 Rock
    • x6 Stick
    • x2 Lashing
  • Fire Pit
    • x3 Rock
    • x1 Campfire
  • Crude hammer
    • x2 Rock
    • x1 Stick
    • x1 Lashing
  • Bird Snare
    • x1 Rock
    • x2 Sticks
    • x3 Lashing
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Well, that covers if rocks respawn in Stranded Deep. I recommend you check our collection of many other Stranded Deep tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page. You can find answers to more questions, such as whether Palm Trees grow back and how to get Lashing.

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