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Stranded Deep: How to Get Rawhide

You'll need rawhide for many recipes in Stranded Deep.

Stranded Deep will crash-land you in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll have nothing but the handy-dandy crafting guide to get you through your treacherous journey. You’ll quickly discover that crafting resources like rawhide are essential for improving your ability to survive. Find out how to get Rawhide here in our guide.

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How to Get Rawhide in Stranded Deep

Rawhide is crucial to surviving Stranded Deep. However, harvesting the resource takes a bit of an effort. The only way to get rawhide is from skinning hunted animals. Additionally, you can only obtain it from specific animals in the game. Here are the animals that provide rawhide:

  • Boars
    • Adults provide three Rawhide.
  • Sharks
    • Provide four Rawhide.

If you’re ready to go exploring, I recommend you hunt Boars for Rawhide. Sharks will offer a much greater challenge, but Boars are randomly found across different islands. Considering survival is the main mission, the risk isn’t necessarily worth it. You can hunt a Boar by throwing spears, or using a bow and arrow. Once you’ve successfully hunted one, you’ll need a cutting tool like a refined knife to skin the corpse and collect the Rawhide.

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How to Use Rawhide in Stranded Deep

Rawhide will continuously prove itself useful in Stranded Deep. You’ll need rawhide to make leather, which will be essential in late-game. Here’s how to make Leather:

  • Leather.
    • x2 Rawhide
    • x1 Tanning Rack.

Once you’ve got some leather crafted, I recommend you upgrade your tools first. Having upgraded tools will save you plenty of time and effort, so that you can focus on bettering your overall shelter and setup.

Well, that covers how to get Rawhide Stranded Deep. I recommend you check our collection of many other Stranded Deep tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page. We’ve got plenty of goodies like how to get clay, and how to get leather.

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