Stray: How to Get the Poncho for Elliot to Fix the Tracker

Even robots get cold. Here's how to get the poncho for Elliot so he'll fix the tracker in Stray. You'll need an electric cable and detergent.

Even robots get cold. Here's how to get the poncho for Elliot so he'll fix the tracker in Stray. You'll need an electric cable and detergent.
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Finding a way outside in Stray is no easy task for our intrepid kitty cat, even after getting all four Outsider notebooks. Throughout the game’s roughly five to six-hour runtime, you’ll dodge Zurk, hide from Sentinels, climb many a precarious perch, and be asked to complete various subquests for some of the Companions you come across. One such endeavor is getting the poncho for Elliot so he’ll fix the tracker. 

However, like most other little side missions in Stray, the game doesn’t provide much information to go on when it comes to Elliot’s request. Where is the poncho? And how do you get the item needed to make it once you find out? This guide will tell you how to do both of those things. 

How to Get the Poncho in Stray

After installing the transceiver at the end of Chapter 5: Rooftops, you’ll return to The Slums in Chapter 6, meeting Momo in Dufer Bar to contact the other Outsiders. This is where you’ll cross paths with Seamus, Doc’s son. 

Once you’ve exhausted all of Seamus’ dialog in the bar, talk with Momo, and follow him to Doc’s apartment (don’t get too far ahead of Momo, or he’ll stop walking). When you arrive at the flat, there will be a bit of dialog, and Momo will give you Doc’s Notebook 3/4. Enter the apartment through the vent, and speak with Seamus, showing him Doc’s notebook. 

How to Open Doc’s Secret Room and Digicode Password

Seamus will mention a secret room in the flat. Jump onto the left side of the counter behind Seamus, and knock down the picture frame closest to the left edge. You’ll need to enter a digicode to open the door in the wall. The passcode is on the clocks over the sofa: 2511.

Go into the secret room, and climb the shelf behind the stool on the left side. Knock the box down to reveal the broken tracker, and show it to Seamus. Now you’ll need to fix it.

Elliot at Elliot Programming is who you need to visit, but he says he’s shivering too much to work on it and needs a blanket. A poncho will do. Grandma can make it, but she needs the Electric Cable Azooz sells at the marketplace. And that costs 1 Super Spirit Detergent.

How to Get Super Spirit Detergent

From Seamus’ flat, climb up the buildings on the right side and head over to the two Companions throwing paint buckets across the alley. Approach the one on the right side, and interact with them using Triangle on PlayStation or the corresponding prompt on PC. Meow at them until they drop a paint bucket.

The bucket will smash on the street below, causing Kosma, the proprietor of Super Spirit Laundry, to rush outside, shaking his fists, and start cleaning up the mess. Enter the laundromat, and turn left immediately. Inspect the table by the window for the detergent.

Now buy the Electric Cable from Azooz, and take it to Grandma, who can be found just past Elliot Programming, at the end of the path. The scene will fade, and you’ll get the poncho in return. Take it to Elliot, who will then fix the broken tracker.

The poncho may seem insignificant, but it’s the only way to progress the story and get one step closer to Doc and the Outside. Now that you have the tracker, you can head to the next chapter, Dead End. For more, like where to find all memories or how to scratch the vinyl in the club, click the links or head over to our Stray guides hub.

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