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Street Fighter 6: How to Get Fighter Coins

We've got the breakdown on how to unlock Street Fighter 6's premium currency — Fighter Coins.

Capcom’s newest fighting game has a few different currencies and points to understand, but it only has one premium tender to worry about. These coins can be used on new characters, alternate costumes and colors, the fighting pass, and crossover content. While you can grind some of these items in World Tour mode, you may not want to wait that long. Here’s how to get Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6.

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How to Get Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6

There are two ways to get Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6: by purchasing them with real money in-game or through the Figher Pass. This differs greatly from the Drive Tickets, which is awarded for completing various timed challenges.

As you level up your Fighter Pass and unlock more rewards, you’ll begin to receive a total of 250 Fighter Coins in the last set of levels. The only catch is that these are from the Premium tier, which also costs 250 Fighter Coins to unlock. It’s basically a loop situation, so it’s not quite a reliable method of earning the currency in comparison to simply purchasing them.

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SF6 Fighter Coin Prices

There are four different Fighter Coin bundle options. If we break down the cheapest one, it equates to a single fighter coin costing $0.02. This conversion rate becomes less accurate with bigger bundles due to Capcom sweetening the pot with some more coins the higher the value. This tactic is used in plenty of games with microtransactions meant to entice you to spend more money.

The four available fighter coin bundles are as follows:

Fighter Coins BundlePrice
250 Fighter Coins$4.99
610 Fighter Coins$11.99
1250 Fighter Coins$23.99
2750 Fighter Coins$49.99

I recommend only buying what you absolutely need if something specific has caught your eye. Although the more expensive bundles do provide some extra coins, it isn’t as great of a deal as you would hope. With the highest bundle, you’ll only get an extra 250 Fighter Coins. That comes out to a meager additional $5 worth.

The draw of Fighter Coins in SF6, in most cases, is that they’re a great time-saver. However, it’s important to consider that some content can be unlocked through multiple means. This includes some clothing gear that can be purchased with Drive Tickets as well as every Street Fighter 6 character’s second costume.

That’s how to get Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6. If you’re looking to keep up to date with other content they can be used for as well as general tips, check out our Street Fighter 6 guides.

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