Street Fighter 6 Lily Frame Data Analysis Guide

Lily is a newcomer to Street Fighter 6. Here's what we know about her frame data.

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Coming to grips with Lily’s frame data in Street Fighter 6 makes this replacement for T. Hawk even more powerful and fun to play. She has strong pokes, a powerful command grab to break through her opponent’s guard, and the ability to enhance her special moves with Wind Power. Here’s our analysis of Lily’s frame data in Street Fighter 6.

SF6 Frame Data: Lily

Below, I’ll start with all of the frame data for Lily’s normals, before moving into her special moves, OD attacks, and Super Arts. If you’re new to SF6 or want to learn more, we have a guide on how to read and use frame data in Street Fighter 6.

Standing Normals

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Standing Light Punch5LP65+6-1
Standing Medium Punch5MP94+1-4
Standing Heavy Punch5HP1130-5
Standing Light Kick5LK43+1-4
Standing Medium Kick5MK73+2-1
Standing Heavy Kick5HK144+1-5

Crouching Normals

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Crouching Light Punch2LP63+5-1
Crouching Medium Punch2MP83+1-3
Crouching Heavy Punch2HP103,30-2
Crouching Light Kick2LK52+2-2
Crouching Medium Kick2MK103+1-5
Crouching Heavy Kick2HK112(6)2HKD +32-12

Jumping Normals

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Jumping Light Punchj.LP59
Jumping Medium Punchj.MP94
Jumping Heavy Punchj.HP106
Jumping Light Kickj.LK66
Jumping Medium Kickj.MK85
Jumping Heavy Kickj.HK116

Command Normals

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Ridge Thrust3HP253+2-3
Horn Breaker 4HP144+5-2
Great Spinj.2HP105(5)30-4

Target Combos

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Desert Storm 16HP~HP2020-9
Desert Storm 26HP~HP~HP205KD +23-26
Double Arrowj.MP~MP103

Lily has excellent pokes, and almost all of her normals are safe on block. Those that aren’t will need to be spaced out, as most of her special moves are punishable if not spaced properly or if she isn’t Windclad. Her command normals are also fairly safe, but she still has a punishable 2HK like almost everyone else.

Special Moves

AttackNotationStartupActive FramesOn HitOn Block
Condor Wind (stock)214LP46
Condor Wind (attack)214MP23[93]4-8
Condor Spire236LK1713KD +33-8
236MK2113KD +37-8
236HK2513KD +37-8
Condor Spire (Windclad)236LK (Windclad)95(6)18KD +47+1
236MK (Windclad)135(6)18KD +49+1
236HK (Windclad)175(6)18KD +52+1
Tomahawk Buster623LP611KD +36-27
623MP812KD +36-32
623HP1013KD +40-35
Condor Divej.PP12until land-24~-19
j.PP (Windclad)12until land-23~-19
Mexican Typhoon360+LP53KD +28
360+MP53KD +28
360+HP53KD +28

Lily relies on spacing or being Windclad to make her special moves safe, as they’re normally extremely unsafe on block. She’ll want to use Condor Wind to build Windclad whenever she can. Thankfully, her excellent pokes help to counteract this weakness. Mexican Typhoon is an extremely powerful command grab. Tomahawk Buster, Condor Spire, and Condor Dive advance Lily forward and allow her to control space and pressure the opponent.

OD Special Moves

AttackNotationStartupActive FramesOn HitOn Block
Condor Spire236KK1513KD +42-8
Condor Spire (Windclad)236KK (Windclad)914KD +56+2
Tomahawk Buster623PP612 totalKD + 32-35
Tomahawk Buster (Windclad)623PP (Windclad)414 totalKD + 33-35
Condor Divej.PPP12until land-24~-19
Condor Dive (Windclad)j.PPP (Windclad)12until land-23~-19

Lily’s OD Special Moves are largely just improved versions of her regular special moves. They allow her to extend combos and add damage, though they still benefit from having Windclad. Notably, Lily doesn’t have a DP of any kind. She has to rely on her Supers for invincible reversals.

Super Arts

AttackNotationStartupActive FramesOn HitOn Block
Breezing Hawk236236P132(5)2(7)2(8)2KD +27-36
Thunderbird236236K92(2)18(9)2KD +42-60
Thunderbird (Windclad)236236K925(6)2KD +46-59
Soaring Thunderbirdj.236236K92(2)18(9)2
Soaring Thunderbird (Windclad)j.236236K925(6)2
Raging Typhoon214214P5+2HKD +4
Raging Typhoon (CA)214214P5+2HKD +4

Lily’s Supers are pretty good. Breezing Hawk is invincible on startup, making it a great reversal. It is extremely punishable on block, however. Thunderbird and Soaring Thunderbird are great for finishing off combos, and Raging Typhoon is a command grab that doubles as a reversal because of its invincibility.

That’s all there is when it comes to Lily’s frame data. For more on Capcom’s latest fighting game, check out our Street Fighter 6 guides hub.

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