Street Fighter V training mode guide

Learn all new skills and possible combos in this guide to the training mode for Street Fighter V.

Learn all new skills and possible combos in this guide to the training mode for Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V contains new and improved training system that serves as a perfect ground for refining your fighting skills. The addition of such convenient features like shortcuts, wake up options and guard recovery actions make you want to try everything up to the smallest details.

In the training mode you can both create or discover your own combos and practice trademark moves of the world famous gamers. If you are completely new to the game, then you can start with normals that are extremely important to master first in every fighting game.

In any case, this guide will show you what features of the training mode you can use and to what extent.

Basic settings

Street Fighter V training mode basic settings

In this menu you can adjust the following features for your current training session:

  • Start position. This is a simple option allowing you to define the position you want your character and the AI to appear on the screen – left, center or right.
  • Side setting. In addition to your position, you can choose which side to face. This is necessary for executing certain combos.
  • Attack data. During the fight you will be able to see the complete log of your actions on the screen with other additional but very useful data. This is especially good for learning the sequence of complex combos.
  • Key display. This is an auxiliary feature of the attack data – it shows you why combo doesn’t work by highlighting the keys with red, yellow and green colors.

In the basic settings menu you will see the shortcut settings tab – this is a completely new feature in the game and it is extremely useful.

  • Restart battle. This feature fully resets your training mode parameters (L3).
  • Battle starting position. Use this feature, if you want to quickly change your position during the training session by hitting your touchpad on a PS4 controller – left, center or right.
  • Dummy CPU controls. You can use your right analog stick to quickly put the AI dummy wherever you need on the screen.

Dummy settings

Street Fighter V training mode dummy settings

In order to use the dummy settings feature, first you need to select “Dummy” at the Status tab. After you set the dummy status, you will have the following options:

  • State. This simple feature allows you to set your dummy in a standing, crouching or jumping position.
  • Guard. You will have several options here, but you will mostly use only two of them – After First Attack (when executing a combo the dummy blocks the next attack) and Guard All (helps you decide what to do during block strings).
  • Recovery. This feature helps you program dummy’s behavior after knocking it down. It can either stay on the ground or get up immediately.
  • Counter and stun. These two simple features allow you to turn on and off the counter-hits and stuns of your dummy.

The dummy settings also include some advanced options that upgrade the gameplay significantly, so you should definitely try them out.

  • Record wake-up actions. This is a great feature that allows you to set up the dummy’s actions at the wake-up phase after the knockdown. There are several slots available for different tasks. As soon as the countdown reaches zero, you can execute whichever combo you want.
  • Record guard recovery actions. This is the same as above, but instead of wake-up phase, your dummy will be in the blocking phase. Obviously, before applying the Record guard, you need to set the Guard All option in the Guard tab.

Gauge settings

Street Fighter V training mode gauge settings

This menu helps you define the recovery status of the gauges on the screen, whether it’s a health gauge, critical gauge or any other – all of them have four basic settings:

  • Auto recover. As soon as any of the gauges on your screen deplete, the system will automatically refill them again.
  • Infinite. Your gauges are infinite and you can try anything you want at any rate. This can be good for practicing combos, but as soon as you reach the stage at which you can execute them perfectly, it is highly advisable to turn this feature off and continue practicing in normal mode.
  • Normal. This mode resembles the typical gauge behavior in a normal play mode.
  • Maximum start. If you decide to reset the training match, the bars will be refilled immediately at the beginning of the next session.

Now you can easily test out your skills and learn all the possible combos in this new training mode. It’s a huge step for Street Fighter series to introduce this new upgraded mode at this moment, when the competitive scene is especially demanding.

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