Find all of the arcade machines and retro levels in Streets of Rage 4 with the help of this secrets locations guide.

Streets of Rage 4 Retro Levels: How to Find the Arcade Machines

Find all of the arcade machines and retro levels in Streets of Rage 4 with the help of this secrets locations guide.

Streets of Rage 4 arcade machines let you play some of the series’ most iconic boss fights through secret retro levels. From Zamza in Streets of Rage 2 to the franchise’s big bad, Mr. X., there are four secrets to unlock. But finding all of the arcade machine locations can be a chore, even if you’re looking for them. Using them can be even more unclear. 

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This guide shows you the location of every arcade machine in Streets of Rage 4 and tells you how to activate them (Hint: use the taser). 

Streets of Rage 4 Arcade Machines Guide: How to Find the Retro Levels

Arcade Machine Retro Level #1 (Stage 2)

Streets of Rage 4 Arcade Machine 1 Stage 2

Bust out of your cell and follow the path right and then up. You’ll fight a group of thugs and two cops. Defeat them and continue up. Fight the taser-wielding cop named Barney, but don’t beat him!

When his life gets low, the cells above you will open up, letting out a group of enemies, before more cops enter the room. Take care of the other enemies, and leave Barney alone.

Now beat Barney and take his taser. Continue right just a little, and you’ll see three doors above you, with the center one open. The arcade cabinet is through the center door.

Destroy the cabinet with the taser to go into the retro arcade world to fight Jack. If you destroy the cabinet with anything else, you’ll get a small money bag instead.

Arcade Machine Retro Level #2 (Stage 4)

Streets of Rage 4 Arcade Machine 2 Stage 4

Start the stage and go right across the pier. Eventually, you’ll come to a section with a big flashing neon arcade sign. You can’t miss it. Fight the cops here and leave a taser unused. Once the fight is over, go into the arcade and bash the cabinet with the taser. You’ll fight Zamza and get an extra star for your efforts. 

The best thing to do in this area is to focus on the shield enemies and let the taser cops fight the thugs. Take the Barneys out last. 

Arcade Machine Retro Level #3 (Stage 5)

Streets of Rage 4 Arcade Machine 3 Stage 5

This is the hardest cabinet to get so far. Go all the way through the sewers and up into the bathroom. Go into the bar to your right.

You’ll see the arcade cabinet after you fight the first group of Sugar and Honey bikers and Donovans wielding pool sticks. It’s at the top of the room just after the big pool table.

The problem here is that the area is swarming with enemies, and they can destroy the cabinet. Try to fight at the bottom and left side of the bar as much as possible. Once you clear out the room, grab a taser, and whack the cabinet. One of the Galsias will drop the taser; it won’t be a cop this time.

You’ll fight Abadede and get another star.

Arcade Machine Retro Level #4 (Stage 8)

Streets of Rage 4 Arcade Machine 4 Stage 8

Go through the art gallery, and eventually, you’ll come to a large desk with a receptionist cowering behind it. This is after the big fight with the grenades.

Go past the desk into the next area. It will be a storeroom with a bunch of golden chickens. The cabinet is at the top of the screen as soon as you enter the room. The taser is hidden directly below the cabinet.

Don’t go too far to the right (past the middle crates), or you’ll start the boss fight with Rhia and Beyo, losing the cabinet. 

You’ll fight Shiva and then Mr. X. You’ll also get another star. 

That’s it for our Streets of Rage 4 arcade cabinets and retro levels guide. Be sure to read our review on the beat em’ up to see why it’s a modern classic.

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