Subnautica's cheats and console commands make the game easier for both newbies and veterans alike. Here's a list and how to use them on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Subnautica Console Commands and Cheats for PC, PS4, Xbox One

Subnautica's cheats and console commands make the game easier for both newbies and veterans alike. Here's a list and how to use them on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

If you’re new to Subnautica, or revisiting this grand survival adventure game after a long hiatus, you’ll find that the game’s deep dark holds more than one type of danger. Besides contending with ferocious predators, you’ll also find you must contend with the Kharaa bacterium infection  an alien contagion infecting the game’s flora and fauna — and much, much more. That’s where console commands and cheats can come into play.

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If you’re struggling to find a certain crafting material or just want to speed through certain parts of the game, Subnautica console commands can increase your quality of life.  

This guide will lay out not only the game’s cure commands, but it will also lay out all of the other console commands for Subnautica. (Found below).

But first, let’s talk about the Kharaa infection (you can skip ahead if you just want to know how to use cure or console commands): although the infection only spreads incrementally  when you reach certain in-game milestones  having the infection can be a visual pain in the butt. Luckily, the Kharaa infection doesn’t affect any of Subnautica‘s gameplay (yet), meaning it won’t really kill you or the flora and fauna around you. 

However, if you’d rather not gather all the Enzyme 42 needed to cure the infection and get those pesky green pustules off your hands, there is another way to get rid of the pesky Kharaa bacterium infection. 

Cure Commands Get Rid of Kharaa Infection in Subnautica

How to Use Cure Commands

To use cure commands (or any other console command) in the PC version of Subnautica, you’ll need to open the game’s debug console by pressing F3. When you first open the console, it will be locked by default. To unlock it, press F8 to enable the mouse and uncheck the box in the top left-hand corner of the pop-up menu. After that, you’ll press enter to bring up the debug console and enter the cure commands. 

If you’re playing Subnautica on Xbox One, you’ll need to press X+A+RB+LB to open the debug console and enter cure commands. 

For PlayStation 4, press Square+X+R1+L1.

Once you’re ready to go, you can enter the following cure commands to get rid of or change the status of the Kharaa bacterium infection without farming Enzyme 42: 

  • Cure [#]: This command will cure the player and all surrounding flora and fauna. 
  • Playerinfection [#]: This command will change the status of the infection for the player. A value of 1 will change the infection’s status to “early stages,” while a value of 5 will cure the player. 

All Other Subnautica Cheats and Console Commands

Applying Subnautica‘s other console commands uses the same process laid out above. Whether you’re looking for more loot or all the pieces to the Prawnsuit, here’s a list of all the console commands in the game as well as what they do.

Story-Related Commands
  • countdownship: Begins Aurora self-destruct timer 
  • explodeship: Aurora explodes
  • restoreship: Brings Aurora back
  • startsunbeamstoryevent: Warps to Sunbeam story section
  • sunbeamcountdownstart: Begins second part of Sunbeam story
  • precursorgunaim: Begins third part of Sunbeam story
  • playsunbeamfx: Plays part of the precursor Sunbeam section
  • infectionreveal: Plays Kharaa infection animation
  • forcerocketready: Primes end-game rocket
Player and Item Commands

These debug options will do everything from give you infinite crafting materials to spawning certain in-game vehicles and curing you of disease. 

  • item [name] [#]: Puts any item in player’s inventory; find item list here
  • clearinventory: Removes all items currently in inventory
  • infect [#]: IOnfects player with a specific stage of Kharaa virus
  • sub cyclops: Spawns cyclops
  • sub aurora: Spawns Aurora
  • sub escapepod: Spawns Lifepod 5 in safe shallows
  • filterwater: Water Filtration creates water
  • filtersalt: Water Filtration creates salt
  • vehicleupgrades: Player acquires all vehicle upgrades
  • cyclopsupgrades: Gives Cyclops upgrades
  • seamothupgrades: Gives Seamoth upgrades
  • exosuitupgrades: Gives Prawnsuit upgrades
  • exosuitarms: Gives Prawnsuit arms
  • spawnloot: Generates loot in form of copper, quartz, etc
  • toolsloot: Generates tools such as seaglide and repair tool
  • madloot: Generates loot and tools
  • bobthebuilder: Puts building tools in inventory; allows for fastbuild, fastgrow, fasthatch, radiation, nocost, and unlockall
  • resourcesfor [name]: Gives specified crafting items
  • ency [name]: unlocks data logs and entries
  • damage [#]: Tweaks damage multiplier
  • instagib: Enables instagib mode
  • invisible: Makes player invisible to fish and creatures
  • filterfast: Makes Water Filtration work faster
  • fastscan: Makes scanner work faster
  • fastgrow: Makes plants grow faster
  • fasthatch: Makes eggs hatch faster
  • fastbuild: Lets players build faster
  • nocost: Lets players use tools such as fabricator without materials cost
  • noenergy: Enables/disables power
  • nosurvival: Disables survival mechanics
  • oxygen: Disables need for oxygen
  • nitrogen: Allows for longer time underwater
  • radiation: Enables/disables radiation
  • fixleaks: Repairs Aurora leaks
  • leak: Makes leaks in Cyclops
  • flood: Floods Cyclops
  • damagesub: Damages Cyclops
  • destroycyclops: Obliterates Cyclops
  • vfx cyclopssmokeeffect (value): Creates smoke on Cyclops
  • bubbles: Creates air bubbles
  • seaglide: Creates Seaglide
  • dig [#]: Destroys terrain near player
  • unlock: Gives access to specific blueprints
  • lock: Takes away certain bluepirnts
  • unlockall: Gives access to all blueprints
  • unlockdoors: Opens Aurora and Alien doors
Mechanical/Spec Commands

To change the game mode you’re currently playing to that of another game mode, enter the following console commands: 

  • Freedom: Survival mode sans hunger and thirst 
  • Survival: Hunger and thirst meters activated
  • Creative: Full sandbox mode
  • Hardcore: Game ends if player dies

The following console commands deal with specific in-game graphical or technical settings, such as increasing/decreasing FPS or freely moving the camera. 

  • fps: Displays current frames per second
  • nobloom: Disables bloom effect (must restart)
  • noshadows: Disables shadows (must restart)
  • printbiome: Displays current biome name
  • sizeref: Generates the referential Wasabi One diver
  • speed [#]: Allows player to increase/decrease game speed
  • target: Opens/closes target debug menu
  • schoolfishai: Opens fish AI
  • vsync: Turns on/off vsync
  • vr: Opens available VR choices
  • freecam: Use in-game camera without restrictions
  • fov [#]: Tweak field of view settings
  • fog: enable/disable fog
  • farplane [#]: Toggle in-game view distance
  • gamereset: Reverts to previous save
  • enterset: Reloads game 
  • debugsound: Tweak sound settings
  • cinematics: Enables/disables player animation
  • daynightspeed [#]: Tweak length of day and night
  • night: Set in-game timer to evening
  • day: set in-game timer to morning 
Biome/Base Teleport Commands

These debug/console commands will take you to specified areas of the map. Whether you need to go to a specific biome or a specific alien base, this is where you’ll want to look. 

  • biome [name]: Sends player to specified biome
    • safe (Safe Shallows)
    • kelp (Kelp Forest)
    • kelp_cave (Kelp Forest Caves)
    • grassy (Grassy Plateaus)
    • grassy_cave (Grassy Plateau Caves)
    • mushroom (Mushroom Forest)
    • koosh (Bulb Zone)
    • koosh_cave (Bulb Zone Caves)
    • jellyshroom (Jellyshroom Caves)
    • sparsereef (Sparse Reef)
    • grandreef (Grand Reef)
    • dunes (Dunes)
    • mountains (Mountains)
    • mountains_cave (Mountain Caves)
    • deepgrand (Deep Grand Reef)
    • bloodkelp (Blood Kelp Zone)
    • underislands (Underwater Islands)
    • smokers (Grand Reef thermal vents)
    • inactivelavart (Inactive Lava Zone)
    • islands (Floater Islands) 
    • tree (Large Mushroom tree)
    • lostriver (Lost River)
    • lavazone (Lava Zone)
  • warp [x] [y] [z]: Takes player to designated coordinates
  • warpforward [#]: Warps player to location ahead by specified meters
  • batch [x] [y] [z]: Takes player to center of specified coordinates
  • warpme: Take player to vehicle or base last entered
  • goto [name]: takes player to specific area
  • spawn: Respawns player
  • randomstart: Randomly respawns Lifepod 5
  • kill: Respawns player in lifepod 

And there you have it, the cure commands that will get rid of the currently harmless Kharaa infection as well as the console commands that basically make you the god of your own waterworld.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Subnautica news and updates. And to see if the infection does becomes deadly. And if you’re looking for more tips for this underwater survival adventure, make sure to check out our other Subnautica guides!

Note: This information was collected from our good friends over at the Subnautica Wiki.  

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